To provide opportunities for veteran cricketers to play the game they love in a competitive but friendly and healthy environment.


  • To always play the game within the laws and spirit of cricket
  • To respect our umpires, opponents, teammates and supporters at all times
  • To place participation and inclusiveness above winning
  • To promote the benefits for the health and well-being of participants by playing cricket
  • To forge meaningful relationships with our key stakeholders


  John Hammer – Founder

 The world’s first game of cricket for players over the age of 60 was played in Brighton Victoria in 2003  between two teams north and south of the Yarra. John Hammer organised games with fellow cricket enthusiasts in Melbourne, country Victoria and the Australian Cricket Society which led to the formation of the Victorian Over 60s Cricket Association (VOSCA). Growing interest soon saw the creation of new clubs Bayside, Essendon, Ringwood and Whitehorse that joined VOSCA.

VOSCA continued to grow every year with 22 teams playing on Sundays or mid-week in season 2017-18. Playing rules are tailored for mature aged cricketers with the emphasis on camaraderie and fellowship and remaining fit and healthy rather than a winning at all costs attitude.

Victorian success proved to be the springboard for the growth of veterans cricket around Australia. In 2006, John Hammer and Dr John Beaton organised the first Over 60s national championship in Canberra with 4 States competing. Its success saw the creation of Seniors Cricket Australia that was tasked with organising future annual National Championships.

In 2016, 42 teams from all States and ACT competed in 4 Divisions of Over 60’s and 2 Divisions of Over 70’s cricket with Victoria winning the John Hammer Cup for the 5th time.  Acknowledging the growing interest in veterans cricket, Cricket Australia asked Seniors Cricket Australia to extend its reach to manage the game for cricketers over the age of 50 years. As a result 2017 saw the creation of a new body – Veterans Cricket Australia (VCA) – with each State changing their name to reflect the new organisational structure.

The first dedicated O70s Australian Championships was held in Adelaide in November 2017 with Victoria winning the Division 1 Doug Turbill trophy and Victoria also taking home the Division 2 Dutchy Holland trophy. Victoria’s dominance was again apparent when it completed a clean sweep of all 4 divisions at the 2017 Australian O60s Championships.

March 2018 will see Victoria fielding 5 teams at the inaugural O50s Australian Championships in Orange NSW.

The Best of the Best from around Australia now have the opportunity of Australian selection, donning the Baggy Green and even enjoying an Ashes tour. Since 2011 Australian O60s and O70s teams have competed against England in a series of ODI’s at home and overseas in the Battle for the Grey Ashes. For others, there’s the chance to join one of VOSCA’s tours to all parts of the cricketing world.

Life Members

2006 John Hammer
2007 Alan Duffus
2009 Jim Murphy
2009 Max Grimmer
2009 Ian Wood
2010 Rex Thompson
2010 Ron Luckman
2010 Russell Dalton
2011 Joel McGlynn
2011 Laurie Hindle
2011 Lindsay McGrath
2012 Graham Cuddon
2012 Rosie McLeod
2013 Ged Edwards
2013 Jon Martindale
2014 John Moore
2014 Ian Sharp
2014 Stephen Hando
2015 Rob Wilson
2017 Ian Leach