Cricket Hosting

Next cricket season, Veterans Cricket Victoria intends launching – a new website for veteran cricketers who just want to play cricket all the year round. The brainchild of Joel McGlynn, the not for profit service offers Over 60s and 70s cricketers the chance to holiday and play cricket in the off-season. No longer needing their Country to arrange a group tour to the UK/ Australia, veterans could be matched with like-minded cricket enthusiasts from around the world. Veteran Victorian cricketers travelling overseas would be given the opportunity to play with their host’s club or another club in the region.

Visiting Australia (Victoria)

In Victoria (Australia) with the cricket season running from the first week of October through to the end of February, veteran English cricketers could play on a Sunday or Wednesday during the season. Visiting cricketers (and their partners) would be hosted by Victorians on a B&B basis and play for their host’s local club with cricket equipment supplied. If the trial is a success, the arrangement could then be extended to other Australian States.

Visiting the UK

Many Victorian O60s and O70s cricketers would love the opportunity to visit the UK from May to end of July to see family, friends or just holiday. The chance to play cricket during our off season is an added bonus. To work, Veterans Cricket Victoria would need the assistance of the UK Over 60s/70s Committee to create a network of cricket enthusiasts willing to host visiting cricketers for a few nights (B&B) at an agreed fee. In facilitating games, hosts would endeavour to match cricketing ability of visitors with an appropriate standard of competition.

Summing up

Veterans Cricket Victoria hopes the joint hosting arrangement will be up and running by the start of the 2018/19 season. In anticipation we’re seeking interest from Victorian families prepared to host visiting UK players and their partners on a short term basis next season. If we get a good response, we will then approach the UK Over 60s/70s Committee seeking expressions-of-interest for a unique opportunity from the UK end.

For more info on cricket hosting, VCV Secretary Joel McGlynn 0414 810 156 or

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