Club Marketing

Veterans Cricket Victoria new CRICKET FOR LIFE is about a fraternity of cricket lovers in their 50s, 60s and even their 70s rediscovering the joy of playing cricket and staying fit and healthy. 

With the support of Veterans Cricket Australia, thousands of veteran cricketers are getting out on the park playing against blokes their own age. Season 2019-20 sees a record 1500 veteran cricketers around Victoria donning the whites on Sundays or in mid-week games.                                                            

FOREVER CRICKET A promotional video endorsed by Cricket Australia celebrating the benefits – physical and mental – of old blokes playing the game they love …. cricket

ONE LAST INNINGS is about a bunch old blokes who despite life threatening illnesses refuse to hang up the boots. A Channel 7 Documentary and featured on the Veterans Cricket Victoria Facebook page, it’s inspirational viewing.

WORLD’S OLDEST CRICKET MATCHVictoria’s elder statesmen (average ages 79 & 75 years) with 6 players from the world’s first O60s game of cricket in Brighton in 2003 defied father time in a game for the Guinness Book of Records.

PLAY ON AND PLAY THE GAME WITH FISHER & GRANT  A former school principal, a farmer and radio personalities talking about Over 60s cricket, fun, friendship and travel.

PLAY CRICKET NOW is about blokes in their 50s, 60s and even their 70s rediscovering the joy of playing cricket and staying fit and healthy. For some it’s about reliving old times but for most it’s about the mateship, camaraderie and the fellowship of the local community cricket club.

Cricket is Australia’s No:1 participation sport and veterans cricket its fastest growing market of recent years. With the backing of Cricket Australia, Veterans Cricket Victoria is seeing thousands of Victorians back out on the park every week playing cricket against blokes their own age.

And you don’t have to have been a star to get a game. Cricketers who haven’t played for 30, 40 and even 50 years are donning the whites again. In 2018-19 Victoria has 40 Over 50s and 24 Over 60s veteran cricket teams around the State. Winning and talent is secondary to fun and friendship and enjoying the game with mates both on and off the field.                                                                             

For some there’s even the chance of higher honours. Each year Victorians compete against the Best of the Best from around Australia – including former Shield and Test cricketers – at the National O50s, O60s and O70s Championships. And the ultimate – Australian selection with a Baggy Green and an Ashes tour.  

 For players with lesser talent, there’s the chance to join one of our tours to wherever cricket is played around the world. Tours have included the USA, Canada, Ireland, the West Indies, South Africa, Mexico, Iceland and most recently China and Japan.

 So come and join us. As a player or umpire you’ll be welcome at any of the clubs in the veterans cricket fraternity. Our playing rules are tailored for veterans, the cricket is relaxed and the camaraderie contagious. Club PLAY CRICKET NOW flyers available from

DON’T LET THE OLD MAN IN Clint Eastwood inspired Toby Keith Song that’s at the heart of what veterans cricket is all about.