HISTORY OF CRICKET FOR THE 60s & 70s by Joel McGlynn

The Players

Have I got your attention? Good, as this article is for all cricket lovers!

And let’s be honest right from the beginning, we are not talking about cricket being played in the 1960s or 1970s. We’re talking about people today, still playing cricket in their 60s and 70s. That’s right, more than a thousand, or perhaps even closer to two thousand cricketers are still playing cricket on a weekly basis right throughout Australia and England, plus a smaller number in New Zealand. In our home state of Victoria, we currently have some 500 Over 60s cricketers playing in our own Cricket Association on a regular basis, every Wednesday and Sunday during the cricket season. Included in this number are 150 Over 70s players.

Why, you may ask? You have to go back to the mid to late 1930s when the earliest of our current cricketers were born. Television didn’t commence in Australia until 1956, so Newspapers and Wireless (radio) was the only way you received your daily news. Sure, if your family could afford it, you went to the movies once a week and received international news headlines. The only real sport for a young schoolboy growing up was playing cricket or tennis in summer, and football (Australian Rules) in winter (in Victoria).

I can still remember as a young schoolboy being allowed to stay up late with my father, listening to the first ball being bowled in an England/Australia Test match. It was probably in 1948 at Trent Bridge. We had our National super heroes playing – Sid Barnes, Arthur Morris, Don Bradman, Keith Miller, Lindsay Hassett, Ray Lindwall and co. The great enemy were Len Hutton, Cyril Washbrook, Bill Edrich, Jim Laker, Alec Bedser and anyone else England selected.

Late afternoon, after school, or on the weekend, the wooden fruit box, or garbage bin would go out into the middle of the street. Two teams would be selected from kids who lived up and down the street and the Test match would be played all over again. “Over the fence was a six and out, hitting the fence on the bounce was a four”. What fabulous matches we played!

It wasn’t until we reached around twelve years of age and were changing from primary school to a high or technical school that we officially started to play cricket, as most schools had a cricket team, and most of the local suburban churches had cricket teams. Under 16s, Under 18s and Seniors. All using real cricket equipment, not home-made bats and used tennis balls. This was now the big league!

So that’s where most of us got our cricket grounding by playing in these junior competitions on a malthoid wicket with a hard cork ball, or on matting with a brand new two-piece leather ball. The majority of us continued to play what we called park cricket until our mid to late twenties, and a small group of more talented players went on to play District Club Cricket (fourths through to Seniors), then possibly State Cricket, then the ultimate of playing for Australia. Some players of course, still continued to play on into there 50s, and longer in park cricket and some of course, still do so.

The Game

Have you ever stopped to tell someone who has no idea, the rules of the game of cricket? It was difficult back then, when we played two-day matches on consecutive Saturdays, never Sundays, now we still have these, plus ODIs, Twenty20s, the Big Bash and of course, 5 day Test matches. Have you thought about the cricket gear? In times past, you had a short or long handled cricket bat. Now we have dozens of brands, all different thicknesses, and different weights. We used to have two and four piece red cricket balls, and as a junior, a red cork ball. Now we have two and four piece red balls with a large number of brands, or if you prefer, pink, orange, green or white? Cricket pads have gone from canvas with cane inserts, to the latest ultra-light polyester pads. Batting gloves, helmets, cricket shoes (spikes or rubber soles) – what a choice!

But one thing has remained the same since the early beginnings, is the way our game is played.

How do you explain to someone how it feels to hit a ball sweetly in the middle of the bat, or how to defend your wicket off a bowler steaming in, or spinning the ball into or away from your pads?. How do you explain how it feels to bowl the ball twenty-two yards down the pitch and land it exactly where you want it, knocking a stump out of the ground, or the ball being caught by one of your fellow team mates? How do you explain how it feels if the batsman strikes the ball hard and you put out your hand and it sticks? All these are individual things, however add this up to being in a team of 11 or 12 players all sharing the same buzz of excitement. And at the end of the day, coming off the ground, win, lose, or draw and shaking hands with your opponents, enjoying the camaraderie on and off the field. If you can explain all that, you are well on your way for someone understanding a cricketer’s love for our game.

Do you ever stop to think of things that helped shape Australia back in the early days? I think a lot had to do with our youth and particularly team sports. Sure we were more disciplined by stricter parents, teachers, etc. but if it wasn’t for junior football and cricket what would our young people have done with themselves. Team sports brought young people together and the camaraderie that developed has lasted through the years and we’ve noticed that with Over 60s cricket, players are renewing friendships with fellow cricketers they might not have caught up with in 30 or 40 years, especially those that gave cricket away, back in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Fortunately for all of us, cricket is a truly International sport. Cricketers around the world strive to abide by the MCC ‘Spirit of Cricket’ Laws.

“Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its Laws, but also within the Spirit of the Game. Any action which is seen to abuse this Spirit causes injury to the game itself”. As a result, cricketers right around the world are increasingly aware they should not merely obey the game’s Laws, but safeguard its Spirit for future generations of boys and girls.

The Beginnings – Over 60s cricket – 2003!

Over 60s cricket in Australia can be put down to one person, John Hammer OAM from Melbourne, Victoria. John was a retired businessman, who never really retired. With wife Judy, he had previously built and owned 7 motels over a 27 year period in both NSW and Victoria. He was a Director and served on the National Board of Flag Inns for 4 years from 1974/7. In 1990 he received a Life Governorship for 20 years service to Vision Australia. He started Superules 30 years ago which now has over 3000 registered players Australia wide. In 2009, John was awarded an ICC Centenary Volunteer Medal for his services to cricket. After O/60s cricket, in 2009, John launched Victoria’s Mid Year Cricket Association with 10 teams. Now it boasts some 110 teams. In 2017, John received an OAM for his services to cricket and seniors’ sport in the 2017 Birthday Honours. Back in 2002 at the young age of 67, John was Captain of the Brighton Union CC 4th Eleven, and during the season he kept observing a number of men aged over 60 still playing in lower suburban grades, playing against much younger players. He thought there must be a number of these older men playing right around Australia who may like to play cricket against players around their own age. So as a result of networking through talkback radio, letters to newspapers, word-of-mouth, plus spending a lot of his time visiting cricket grounds and talking to likely candidates. John, showed he was a man who didn’t give up easily. In early November 2002, John sent out posters and an attached letter to cricket clubs on both sides of the Yarra River asking for expressions-of-interest from gentlemen over 60, interested in this new concept.

A great supporter at this stage was Alan Duffus from the RDCA (Ringwood District Cricket Association) who became a great ally for John. On 07 November 2002, Alan advised John by email he had the following RDCA players, Terry Dunn, Brian Milsom, Ken Woodman, Ian McCallum, Ian Sharp and Lance McCrimmon (plus himself) keen to play. John replied he also had 11 interested players, with another 29 possibles. A detailed letter was posted the next week to all Clubs advising the first Over 60s cricket match was scheduled for early January 2003. The deadline was 30 November 2002 for players’ names. On 09 December, it was announced that the match was going ahead with enough players now to field two teams. So, on Saturday, 04 January 2003, the first Over 60s cricket match played anywhere in the World was scheduled at Hurlingham Park, Brighton, Victoria.                                                                               


Two teams comprising 26 players representing Yarra North, captained by Alan Duffus and Yarra South, co-captained by Jim Williams and David Wingfield, played two, forty over innings.

The original group was:

Ian Wood 66 (Templeton CC), Ian Sharp* 60 (Warrandyte CC), Colin Williams, Roger Grosvenor* 68 (St John’s CC), Ron Luckman* 60 (Pascoe Vale CC), Dick Parker 66 (Boneo CC), Dr Uma Pathy 67 (East Ivanhoe Saints CC),  Terry Dunn* 65 (Mt Evelyn CC), Russell Dalton 60 (Hampton United CC), Alan Jelliffe* 62 (Moorabbin West CC), Steve Charlton 64 (Caulfield CC), Don Moyes, John Hammer 67 (Brighton Union CC), Rex Thompson* 66 (East Malvern CC), Doug Fisher 70 (Swan Hill CC), Lloyd Mills 81 (Durham Ox CC – oldest registered Victorian player), Barbara Stubberfield 66 (Clifton Hill CC – Victoria’s oldest registered woman cricketer), Alan Duffus* 64 (Sth Warrandyte CC), Jim Williams 63 (Kingston Heath CC), David Wingfield 60 (Brighton Union CC), Harry Jelliffe (Moorabbin West CC), David Tomlinson* 61 (Hampton United CC), Alan Broadbent 65 (Hampton CC), Tony Ambrose 60 (Hampton United CC), Stan Hogben, Ian Beazley 66 (East Bentleigh CC). Umpires were: Kevin McDermott and Frank Robinson. Scorer: Betty Hogben.

* In 2018, these players are still current players with Veterans Cricket Victoria (VOSCA).

Meanwhile in England, veteran’s cricket for players aged over 50 years had been entrenched in Counties since the mid 1980s. The reluctance of players to retire from competitive cricket, even after 60 years, saw the introduction of the Over 60 concept with the first Over 60 game played in the UK on 13th May 2004, just a year and four months after Victoria. The match was between Essex and Hertfordshire, played at Hutton, Essex. Essex won by one run – a great start to their competition.

On 17 February 2003, John Hammer wrote a report to all players.

“Following the game played at Brighton on 04 January 2003, a number of additional players have sought details of the concept with a view to participating in future Over 60s games. Others have contacted Cricket Victoria seeking further information. Cricket Victoria through there Community Cricket Manager contacted me to discuss this new concept. I submitted to Cricket Victoria the viability of a 4–6 team competition with an undefined format, to commence as one-day games on a fortnightly basis in the 2003/04 season. Sunday will be the match day to avoid existing competitions and assist players to play in their current Association and also to play fortnightly with the Over 60s.

To this end, I invite all founding players from the 04 January match to seek out current over 60s players, plus recently or long time cricket retirees, to re-enter the sport they all love.

I already have 40 plus names, but more are needed for a viable competition. I invite views from everyone! This will be a strictly not-for-profit recreation and we may be eligible for Cricket Victoria financial assistance.

Eventual development into Interstate and International competition will be explored.

MCG Appearance:

For those who have never played on the MCG (I certainly haven’t), an invitation has been extended by Cricket Victoria for up to 16 of our players to take part in a combined community cricket launch at 12:30pm on Wednesday, 26 February 2003. This will be a standard one hour practice on the Oval with gear provided by Cricket Victoria. Players will need to be at the Museum entrance of the ground at 12 Noon. Bring normal cricket whites.

The event will finish no later than 2:00pm. Please ring me on the number below if you’d like to attend”.

The first Victorian game was heralded as a great success and all players reported they would love to play a match again at the same time in 2004. Although John Hammer was happy about this, he still had a dream for an actual Competition to be developed for players Over 60, so for the next year he pressed on by continuing to talk to players and media around Victoria.

On the 03 January 2004, the second match was played between Yarra North and Yarra South, played at Hurlingham Park in Brighton. Yarra North won the match by 24 runs.


In 2004, enquiry numbers really increased and apart from the Yarra North and Yarra South teams, ACS (Australian Cricket Society) was the next team to put their name forward and a match was played on 31 October 2004 between ACS and a combined Melbourne team. In the ACS team, including members still playing today were Ian Hammet, Bob Hopkins and Robert Hansen. In the combined Melbourne team, Terry Dunn, Chris Hartrup, David Tomlinson, Alan Duffus, Ian Sharp, Alan Jelliffe, Norm McLeod and Ron Luckman are also still playing today. ACS made 6 for 94. John Usher top scored with 21. Rob Hansen retired hurt on 20. Melbourne Combined made 8 for 98. Alan Duffus retired on 34. Notable bowling by Bob Hopkins (ACS), 5 Overs with 5 Maidens – 1 wicket for 0 runs. John Bertacco, 6 Overs, 4 for 19. Billy Coghlan from East Bentleigh played in this match at the age of 81. He started playing for Surrey Hills at age 12. His only break from cricket was an interruption when he was in the RAAF during World War II. Sadly, he has now left the crease!

On 21 December 2004, John Hammer wrote that the 3rd Annual Over 60s game between North and South would be played on 01 January 2005. A match fee of $10.00 per player was charged to cover trophies, cricket balls and afternoon teas (basically, still the same fee being charged in 2018).

During 2004, John Hammer continued to work his magic by tirelessly (and at his own expense) travelling far and wide throughout metropolitan

Melbourne and Victorian country areas promoting the value of playing Over 60s cricket.

The third annual cricket match went ahead at Hurlingham Park on 01 January 2005 with Yarra North batting first making 7 for 128 with Terry Dunn 24, Alan Duffus 30*, Ron Luckman 27. Yarra South made 9 for 121. Tony Ambrose 18, Roger Grosvenor 18, Joel McGlynn 12 retired hurt. Ron Luckman took 3 for 13 off 3 Overs for Yarra North. Three wins in a row to Yarra North.

VOSCA starts – here and beyond

With the number of interested players around 60, an Inaugural Meeting of the newly formed Association was held on 28 February 2005 at Hurlingham Park. The Honorary Convenor, John Hammer welcomed everyone.

Present were: Norm Henderson, Jim Murphy, John Hammer, Roger Grosvenor, Dr Uma Pathy, Ron Luckman, Russell Dalton, David Wingfield, Alan Duffus, Robert Seymour, Alan Jelliffe, Harry Jelliffe, Ian Sharp, Ian Wood.

Apologies from: Peter Burke, Tony Ambrose, Ian McLeod, Norm McLeod, Bob Hopkins, Richard Pickles, Alan Broadbent, David Young, Chris Connor, David Tomlinson, Rex Thompson and Dick Parker.

A Chairman was elected. The Hon. Noel Pullen ASM, JP, MLC.

Alan Duffus moved that our name be Victoria Over 60 Cricket Association (VOSCA). Russell Dalton moved that the Association be Incorporated. Both motions were passed by unanimous vote.

Peter Struck (a design expert) presented some 30 designs for a new logo for the Association. One was selected and the colours to be dark blue, red and white.

Russell Dalton moved that the aim of the Association should be:

“To foster cricket for persons aged over 60, to enhance the health, welfare and well being of players, supporters and friends”. It was moved and seconded.

A Committee of Management was elected:

Noel Pullen                President

Jim Murphy                Vice President

John Hammer             Secretary

Alan Duffus                Treasurer

Russell Dalton            Committeeman

Ron Luckman             Committeeman

Reports were tabled re forthcoming matches, the role of Cricket Victoria (support), Interstate development, playing rules, adoption of logo. The President thanked Brighton Union CC for their valuable contribution for the use of the ground these past two annual matches and the use of Pavilion facilities at Hurlingham Park.

Alan Duffus proposed that four Victorian Zone Managers be appointed.

Yarra North                Jim Murphy

Yarra South                Russell Dalton

Country                      Ron Luckman

Melbourne East          Alan Duffus (ACS was included in Melb. East)

Each zone having around 16-20 players. An inaugural Victorian Championships was proposed from 01 to 26 January 2006 to be contested between these groups.

John Hammer, apart from contacting almost every outlet possible in Victoria, also sent via “Letters to the Editor”, many City and Suburban Newspapers in NSW and Tasmania. 12 players replied from NSW, so John put these players in touch with each other. Howard Reay, Paul Morris, Bob Hook, Colin Dennis, Bruce McNaught, Kevin Levell, Richard Christian and Clive Woodworth were the first eight players to respond between 02 and 13 March. Colin Dennis was named their inaugural Over 60s Organiser. Between John and Colin, the first Over 60s match in NSW was organised to be played at Rothwell Park. Concord vs Victoria on 06 April 2005. During March, Victorian players were invited to participate and 12 players were selected. Alan Duffus (Capt), Ron Luckman (V.Capt), Tony Ambrose, John Bertacco, Steve Charlton, Rex Foulstone, Roger Grosvenor, John Hammer, Norm McLeod, Jim Murphy, Dr Uma Pathy and Norm Thomas.

NSW batted first 4/117 (40 Overs) Bob Hook 39*, Peter Richardson (C)

22, Ken Campbell 18*, Bruce McNaught 17. Defeated Victoria 5/114 (40 Overs). Norm McLeod 40*, Alan Duffus 20*, Norm Thomas 15, Tony Ambrose 13.

Just prior to this match, on Saturday, 02 April 2005, the first ever Over 60s country match was held in Bendigo at Ewing Park. The local paper’s Sports Editor wrote: “Tomorrow at 12 noon the first ever cricket match in Bendigo between two teams, Victoria O/60 Country XI and Melbourne O/60 XI, whose players are well over the age of 60, will take place at Ewing Park. Five players are over 70 and also playing as a special guest is Victoria’s oldest registered Woman cricketer at 67 years, Barbara Stubberfield. This one day match is played under normal rules, but leniency is given to changeover time between batsmen. Sadly, none of these players will reach 100, as their compulsory retirement of 30 runs is to give maximum players a chance to bat. Thousands of games experience will be on the field, with the majority of players having notched up over 500 games. A few started their competitive cricket in the late 40s.

At the innings break, at about 2:00pm, Mr John Harris of Cricket Victoria will present the Victoria Over 60 Cricket Association with two sets of gear to further encourage this latest recreational activity for older people”.

The Country XI batted first and made 8 for 158, with Bernie Orr (Wycheproof) leading the way with 42*, whilst Ian McLeod (Wandin) chipped in with 29 and Country captain Ron Luckman (Macedon) made 15. In reply, the Metropolitan side compiled 9 for 176 to claim victory. Top scorers were Graham Harris 41*, Alan King 21, John Hammer 17 and Ian Sharp 19.

Three more matches were scheduled in 2005:

On 23 October, a match was played at Linton, a small town 35kms west of Ballarat between Vic Country and Melbourne. Vic Country made 8 for 94 off 30 Overs. Bill McGrath 18, Ian McLeod 17, Lindsay McGrath 17*. Rex Thompson 3/18 off 7 Overs defeated Melbourne, 9 for 86 off 30 Overs. Joel McGlynn 15, David Tomlinson 12, Graeme Crowl 2/8 off 4 Overs. Best player trophies to David Tomlinson and Bill McGrath.

On 30 October, Melbourne O/60, 4 for 108 (35 Overs), Bill McGrath 30*, Terry Dunn 28, Ian Sharp 16, Ron Luckman 16, defeated ACS O/60, 7 for 105 (40 Overs), Chris Connor 30*, Tony Ambrose 18, Rob Hansen 17*. Ian McLeod 3/18 off 4 Overs.

Bob Seymour’s fine umpiring was reported to be a pleasant feature of the game. A senior panel umpire in Melbourne, Bob not only gave his services free, but paid a $10 membership fee to VOSCA as well!

Russell Dalton and Norm McLeod were 2 of 15 players who volunteered to stand down for this game. Both passed a pre-game writing test and were awarded the job of scoring.

John Hammer organised a game in Tasmania on Sunday, 27 November (the second Interstate game for the year) played against Old Launcestonian Masters Cricket Club at Launceston Church Grammar School Oval. This Oval boasted an English Village green feel. The team representing Victoria was Tony Ambrose, David Brentnall, Alan Duffus (Capt), Rex Foulstone, Kevin Fletcher, John Hammer, Ron Luckman, Lindsay McGrath, Norm McLeod, Jim Murphy, Bernie Orr, Ian Sharp and David Tomlinson. Victorian State Caps were purchased for $16.00.

The match result: Tasmania 5/190 defeated Victoria 7/168.

Tas batting: D. Shaw 23, J. Gunn 30*, G. Anyon 30*, K. Naylor 34.

Vic. Bowling: Tony Ambrose 3/41, Bernie Orr 1/19.

Vic. Batting: Lindsay McGrath 30*, Bernie Orr 26, Rex Foulstone 20.

Tas. Bowling: M.McGrath 2/24, D. Shaw 2/16.

The remaining fixture for 2005/6 was scheduled for 01 January, Yarra Nth vs Vic Country and Melbourne East vs Yarra Sth. Both games were washed out after 30 Overs. The Committee met and decided that the O/60 Championship be abandoned for 2005/6. Due to the wash out, ACS match organiser, Ian Hammet conferred with the Committee and decided to stage a repeat game on Sunday, 26 February 2006 alongside the NSW vs Victoria game at Buckley Park, Essendon.

The Victoria team was Alan Duffus (C), R. Burgess, Terry Dunn, Max Grimmer, G. Harris, Alan King, Ron Luckman, Lindsay McGrath, Bill McGrath, Norm McLeod and Rex Foulstone. The NSW team was: Mark Levitt, Bob Hook, Bruce McNaught, Gordon Ives, Ken Campbell, Kevin Finlay, Peter Richardson (C), Ralph Sadler, Richard Christensen, Bill Sadler and Col Dennis.

The major thing to come out of this match was whilst Ron Luckman was batting and running down the pitch, he had a major heart attack. Everyone thought Ron had tripped over!

An ambulance was called and fortunately for Ron, a senior nurse, Ms Jo Feehan from a hospital Cardiac Unit and a friend Michael Leeder, were walking their dog in the parkand, so rushed over and worked on Ron, bringing him back to us a few times until the ambulance arrived and took him to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he spent some time holidaying in intensive care with his wife Margaret by his side. Fortunately, he survived and to this day, is still Secretary of Essendon O/60s and playing the occasional game.

A nice gesture by NSW was in naming a perpetual shield between the two States, the “Ron Luckman Shield”.

It is worth noting that on that day, Ron Luckman was playing his first game at Buckley Park since the 1976-7 season where he scored 100 as Captain/Coach of Westmeadows vs Buckley Park, in A grade.

On the same day, ACS played a combined O/60s team. ACS 7/208 (40 Overs). Ian Hammet 30*, B. Batrouney 34*, Des Lloyd 34*, John Smith 23. Combined Team 7/43 (29 Overs). Rex Thompson 14. Dick Parker 2/6 off 6, Sid Blake 2/4 off 4, Bob Hopkins 1/6 off 4. The game was abandoned (just as well when you looked at the scores).

John Hammer, with Joel McGlynn, organised the very first International O/60s tour to New Zealand from 04 to 12 February 2006. The cost was $1400.00 per tour participant. It was a 9 day tour taking in both the South and North Island. 3 matches were scheduled – Christchurch (washed out), Wellington (washed out) and Auckland where we managed to play. Our touring party were: John & Judy Hammer, Kevin & Shirley Fletcher, Rex & Dagmar Foulstone, Norm & Glenda McLeod, Jon & Merryl Martindale, Alan & Clair Duffus, Dick & Joan Parker, Geoff & Denise Anyon (Tas), Jim Murphy, Tony Ambrose, Dr Uma Pathy, Ron Luckman, Joel McGlynn. A sad note on tour was the passing of Norm & Glenda McLeod’s daughter Jan whilst they were nearing the end of the tour.

Evolving Structures

The 2nd Annual General Meeting of VOSCA was held at Hurlingham Park on 17 July 2006.

Jim Murphy (Acting Chairman) opened the meeting and welcomed special guests, Margaret Luckman, Ms Jo Feehan and Mr Michael Leeder, both were given a special presentation for their expert and timely aid to Ron Luckman on 26 February. Ron Luckman and wife, Margaret made the awards to the applause from all present.

The meeting proceeded – John Hammer was unanimously made VOSCA’s first Life Member.

Treasurer, Alan Duffus advised VOSCA had a balance of $834.00 for the year.

Election of Office Bearers saw the following elected:

Noel Pullen                President

Jim Murphy                Vice President

Ron Luckman             Vice President

John Hammer             Secretary

Alan Duffus                Treasurer

Russell Dalton            Committee

Tony Ambrose                        “

Kevin Fletcher                       “

Max Grimmer                         “

Joel McGlynn                         “

Teams for the 2006/7 Season were Yarra Nth, Yarra Sth, Vic Country, ACS, and Melbourne East.

Attention was drawn to a choice of 28 possible mottos for VOSCA.

“My game – My Life” was the outright favourite and was duly adopted.

Following correspondence with the then Federal Sports Minister, Dr. Rod Kemp MP, a staff member, Ron Axelby was appointed to co-ordinate with O/60s cricket in the ACT.


Three days, Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of November were chosen for the inaugural Interstate 0/60 Cricket Carnival in Canberra.

ACT Cricket CEO, Mark Vergano, Senior Administrators  from ACT Ministry of Sport, David Moore and Wayne Lacey and a number of ACT Club Officials conferred with John Hammer in Canberra on Wednesday, 02 November to assist in identifying suitable ovals, a venue for a Finale Dinner and some early contact details for prospective 0/60 players in ACT. As had been the preferred option, adjoining ovals were sought so that the four state teams would be based at the same venue for each of their three matches.

The Ministry  of Sport, ACT made a meeting room available on the Wednesday in their offices for a series of discussions with cricketers in Canberra interested in the 0/60 concept. John Hammer, was armed with a couple of videos, a set of 0/60 rules as compiled at the AGM and lots of photos. It was expected that a core of 0/60 players would be given the task of building a local ACT squad in preparation for the Carnival.

The picturesque ANU North and South Ovals were chosen for the Carnival.

Regular matches

The 2006/7 VOSCA season got under way on 01 October 2006.

Vic Country played Yarra Nth.

Vic Country 6/129 (40 Overs) Bill McGrath 40*, Bernie Orr 19, Alan Duffus 18* defeated by Yarra Nth 5/154 (40 Overs). Graham Cuddon 40*, Laurie Hindle 34, Norm McLeod 19. Alan Duffus 3/14 off 6 Overs.

On 08 October, Melbourne East played Yarra Nth.

Yarra Nth 6/141 (40 Overs) Dick Parker 30, Laurie Hindle 27*, Ian Mitchell 25. Terry Dunn 3/20 off 6 Overs. Defeated by Melbourne East 4/147 (27 Overs). Terry Dunn 40*, Norm McLeod 32, Ian McLeod 22, Graham Harris 18, Ian Sharp 12, Chris Hartrup 11*.

On 29 October, ACS played Melbourne East.

ACS 7/133 (40 Overs) Des Lloyd 40*, Jim Usher 31. Ian Wood 4/20 (8 Overs) defeated Melbourne East 8/128 (40 Overs) Alan King 32, Graeme Harris 21, Graham Cuddon 18. Des Lloyd 2/4 (3 Overs), Graeme Crowl 2/17 (4 Overs).

On 19 November, ACS played Vic Country.

ACS 7/147 (40 Overs) Ian Hammet 40*, Bob Speechley 40*, Rob Hansen 30, Des Lloyd 3/6 (6 Overs) defeated Vic Country 7/118 (35 Overs) Lindsay McGrath 32, Laurie Hindle 24, Des Lloyd 18.Rob Hansen 3/5 (5 Overs), Richard Elvins 3/26 (6 Overs).

1st National Over 60s Carnival, ACT – 22/24 November 2006.

22 November – Victoria vs Tasmania.

Victoria 6/138 (40 Overs) Graham Cuddon 40*, Des Lloyd 35, Laurie Hindle 24. Geoff Anyon 2/5 (5 Overs) defeated Tasmania All out for 99 (36 Overs) Geoff Anyon 19, Ed Gleeson 20, Graham Crole 15. Terry Dunn 5/15 (8 Overs).

23 November – Victoria vs ACT.

Victoria 4/92 (31 Overs) Terry Dunn 40*, Des Lloyd 27*, Graham Cuddon 15 defeated ACT 9/88 (40 Overs) Peter Nelson 26, Brian Ward 22, Terry Dunn 2/5 (6 Overs), Max Grimmer 2/11 (8 Overs), Bob Burgess 2/24 (8 Overs).

24 November – Victoria vs NSW

Victoria 4/157(40 Overs) Des Lloyd 40*, Lindsay McGrath 40*, Terry Dunn 24, Norm McLeod 18 defeated by NSW 5/158 (38 Overs) Bob Hook 40*, John Pym 40*, Geoff Garland 32.

NSW won the first National Division 1 Carnival.

During the Championships on 22 November, the World’s oldest cricket XI played a Parliament XI at Fellowes Oval in Canberra. Teams average age: 73 years 103 days.

Graeme Crowl 74, Dick Parker 70, Bill Coghlan 83, John Hammer 71, Ian Wood 70, Roger Grosvenor 72, Dr Uma Pathy 72, Jim Murphy 72, John Gilder 70, Brendan Lyons (Tas) 80, Tim Lithgow (Tas) 69.

Yarra South played Yarra North on 17 December 2006 for the fourth time. Once again, Yarra North were the victors.

Yarra South 5/161 (40 Overs) Tony Ambrose 38, Max Grimmer 27*John Gilder 21, John Hammer 17*, Joel McGlynn 13*, David Tomlinson 15.

Yarra North 7/189 (40 Overs) Alan Duffus 40*, Laurie Hindle 41*, Graham Cuddon 25*, Ron Luckman 21.

Melbourne East played Vic Country on 17 December 2006 at Seymour CC at Chittick Park. The local Newspaper, the “Seymour Telegraph” wrote that former Seymour Technical High School teacher and Ex-Student’s cricketer from the 1960s, Rex Thompson would be playing for the Vic Country side. He was the best bowler taking 2/19 (8 Overs).

Vic Country 6/166 (40 Overs) Bill McGrath 41*, Lindsay McGrath 42*.

Melbourne East 6/198 (38 Overs) Graham Harris 40*, Terry Dunn 33, Ian Sharp 33. Bob Burgess 3/37 (8 Overs).

On 28 January 2007, Melbourne East played Yarra South.

Melbourne East 2/157 Terry Dunn 40*, Ian Sharp 41*, Rob Groat 30*, Chris Hartrup 23*.

Yarra South 7/155 Tony Ambrose 36*, Joel McGlynn 24, Ron Luckman 25*, Uma Pathy 26. Ian McLeod 2/1 (2 Overs)

On 25 February 2007, ACS played Yarra North.

ACS 1/186, Chris Connor 42*, Rob Hansen 40*, Ian Hammet 36*, Jim Usher 38.

Yarra North 5/185, Chris Hartrup 41*, Alan Duffus 42*, Laurie Hindle 27*, Rex Foulstone 25.

Last match for the 2006/7 season, Western District played Melbourne O/60s. Western District 7/134, Lindsay McGrath 30, Leo Dunne 20. Max Grimmer 2/12 (8 Overs).

Melbourne O/60s, 9/167 Norm McLeod 30, Tony Ambrose 30, Stephen Hando 36, Neville Brown 19. Don Castles 4/30 (8 Overs).

In December 2006, John Hammer placed ads in the South Australian Newspapers for Over 60s players, also writing to SA cricket clubs. He received an excellent response and in January flew to Adelaide (at his own expense) to chair the first meeting at Payneham CC Pavilion with an attendance of 37. So launched the SA O/60s Cricket Association.

Growth and Touring

The 3rd VOSCA Annual General Meeting was held at Hurlingham Park on Monday, 02 July 2007.

The President, Noel Pullen thanked Joel McGlynn (Jetset Travel) for his sponsorship again this year. Alan Duffus moved that the Yarra Nth vs Yarra Sth annual match be continued for 2008. John Hammer moved that Alan Duffus be made a Life Member of VOSCA. Unanimously accepted by vote.

Election of Office Bearers.

Noel Pullen was stepping down and John Hammer was elected President for 2007/8.

President                     John Hammer

Vice Presidents           Max Grimmer, Joel McGlynn

Secretary                     Tony Ambrose

Treasurer                    Alan Duffus

Committee                  Russell Dalton, Rex Thompson, Ron Luckman, Ian

                                    McLeod, Jim Murphy

Alan Duffus reported a balance of $1600.00 in the VOSCA accounts for the year.

Russell Dalton was broadcasting every Tuesday morning on “Break of Day” (88.3fm) where he was reporting VOSCA scores and promoting O/60s cricket.

As at 30 June 2007, VOSCA had a player membership of 105.

The new Committee worked hard this year to add a new team/s to the fixtures for 2007/8 season.

07 October                  Ringwood vs Bayside (Royal Park)

                                    Whitehorse vs Vic Country (Royal Park)

14 October                  Vic Country vs Ringwood (Seymour),                              ACS vs Whitehorse (Highett West)

21 October                  Vic Country vs Bayside (Colac)

28 October                  ACS vs Bayside (East Malvern)

04 November              Whitehorse vs Ringwood (Glen Waverley)

11 November              Whitehorse vs Bayside (Glen Waverley)

19/23 November         National Over 60s Championships – Royal Park

09 December              Vic Country vs Bayside (Bendigo)

16 December              ACS vs Ringwood (East Keilor)

06 January                  Yarra South vs Yarra North (Hampton)

20 January                  Whitehorse vs Ringwood (Wandin East)

03 February                South Australia vs Victoria – 2 teams (Mt Gambier)

10 February                Vic Country vs Whitehorse (Foster)

Annual Membership was again set at $10.00 per player. Match fees $5.00.

During this year, John Hammer wrote to over 100 Cricket Clubs and Newspapers in the UK with the idea of taking a 2007 Australian team (really a Victorian team with 2 players from SA) to play against England County teams and perhaps an England/ Australia match. This was well received by our friends in the UK and a 9 match (19 day tour) against 6 Counties was arranged for 26 August to 16 September 2007 by John Hammer. Travel arrangements put together by Joel McGlynn. Matches were arranged against Sheffield, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Sussex and Kent.

The touring party (with partners) were: Tony Ambrose, Tony Corr, Graham Cuddon, Jim Curtis (SA), Rex Foulstone, Max Grimmer, John Hammer, Ron Luckman, Ian McLeod, Keith Miller (SA), Rex Thompson, Ian Wood.

Preparations were ongoing during 2007, organising the 2ndNational Over 60s Carnival held in Melbourne from 19 to 23 November comprising a record 10 teams from 5 States. Played on 5 ovals at Royal Park (just out of the City).

Victoria (2 teams), NSW (1), Vic Country (1), ACS (1), Tasmania (2), ACT (1), SA (2).

On 21 November, the World’s Oldest XI vs Premier’s Invitation XI was also scheduled.

After a meeting of Presidents, it was decided to honour John Hammer by calling the Division 1 Carnival trophy the “John Hammer Cup”.

The Carnival was officially opened on 19 November by the Victorian Minister for Sport, Hon James Merlino MP.

Cricket Victoria donated $1000.00 as a sponsorship grant to support the Carnival, plus Cricket Australia $1500.00.

Victorian Captains were announced:

Max Grimmer                         Capt Vic 1sts.

Norm McLeod                        Capt Vic 2nds.

Lindsay McGrath                   Vic Country

61 players sent in their expressions-of-interest to represent Victoria in the 3 teams. The Carnival was a huge success with NSW again the winner of the John Hammer Trophy, South Australia second, and Victoria third.

National Hosts

Apart from regular VOSCA Executive meetings held during the year, a meeting was held on 23 January 2008 at Fawkner Park to inspect the Ovals for the proposed 3rd National Over 60s Carnival to be held in November 2008, plus a discussion for planning and financing the Carnival, personnel roles, etc. The date was set for 16 to 24 November. The President’s Report for 2007/8 noted that due to an energetic off-season recruiting campaign had brought spectacular results. 80% up on 2006/7 season. VOSCA joined the VMCU which enabled insurance cover through the Cricket Victoria insurance scheme. Special thanks was given to Stephen Hando, Lindsay McGrath, Ged Edwards and John Gilder for fostering our O/60 game through their respective country regions. Special thanks also to Tony Ambrose (Secretary) for his excellent compiling of Minutes, and Russell Dalton who spent hours tabulating scores for our records.

VOSCA also applied to the Melbourne City Council to lease Poplar Oval and Pavilion at Royal Park on a seasonal basis, to be VOSCA’s headquarters and Essendon O/60s home ground. Our lease was terminated after one season of use. The experience of having such a ground convinced the Executive that the Association try once again to locate a ground. The advantages being :

Games between distant teams could be played there. e.g. Gippsland Vs Vic Country.

It would provide a central place for trophies, meetings, etc.

It would enable use of the ground when other grounds were not available.

Games between Interstate and International teams could be played there.

The disadvantages would be cost and maintainance.

The Association was now ready to assume the role of organising a competition for our member clubs. Individual teams would be seeking Delegate type representation to progress the normal development of VOSCA into a proper sporting group. Some envisaged an Executive of a few, with Delegates meeting three or four times a year.

03 February 2008 saw Victoria sending two teams to Mt Gambier to play SA. A Vic vs SA match, and a Vic Country vs SA Country match.

At a Committee meeting held on 20 February 2008, the Committee congratulated Jon Martindale and Dick Parker for being recognised by Cricket Victoria for services to cricket.

Le Pine Funerals was a new sponsor donating $500.

It was announced the Annual VOSCA Dinner would be held at the Tivoli Club at a charge of $30 per person.

On 19 March, a Committee meeting was held at the Tivoli Club. Special guest was Dr John Flack from UK O/60s. Ian McLeod rose and thanked Dr Flack for visiting with us and reminded him that he (Ian) had the fine distinction of being the first Captain of a winning Australian O/60 XI, at Billericay CC in Essex, where Dr Flack himself, top scored for the UK team with 27 runs.

It was also noted that Max Grimmer was honoured as Captain of the “Team of the Century” by his Hampton CC in its Centenary year 1908 to 2008. Max first played for Hampton CC in 1958 and played 380 games for the Club, taking 780 wickets and made over 4000 runs. Max made 350 runs in Over 60s this past season for Bayside. Rex Thompson reported he was designing an “End of season newsletter” for all Members.

On the Victoria Over 60s scene, it was noted the continuing expansion of teams and player numbers was the most obvious growth area from 2007. Dividing the metropolitan area provided an organised method to continue the growth. Whitehorse, Ringwood, Bayside, ACS and Vic Country would be joined by at least two more teams based in South East Melbourne and Essendon areas.

Unique to Over 60s in 2008 was the following sets of brothers playing!

Norm, Ian, Fred and Ron McLeod. Terry, Dennis and Kevin Dunn. Harry and Alan Jelliffe, and Bill and Lindsay McGrath.

On 21 May, a Committee Meeting was held and Laurie “Hotplate” Hindle advised a BBQ was to be held in November with the hope of a Peninsular team being formed in 2009/10. Russell Dalton was thanked for obtaining $500 sponsorship from Highett RSL.

John Hammer arranged a Casey O/60 meeting on May 28 at the Hallam Hotel where prior to this, letters were posted to 70 Clubs in the local Casey area. In attendance were Jon Martindale, Col Jones, Ian Kitt and Rob Wison. Ron Luckman reported Essendon numbers were progressing well. Now standing at 16 players.

All Clubs were challenged in 2008 to form their own Committees to help strengthen their Clubs. Bayside and Whitehorse held their first meetings and elected Committees.


The 2008 VOSCA Annual General Meeting was held on 27 August at Fawkner Park Pavilion. John Hammer had previously advised he was standing down as President as he needed to be fully committed in organising the National Carnival at Fawkner Park.

Newly elected Executive:

Rex Thompson           President

Ron Luckman            Vice President

Max Grimmer             Vice President

Alan Duffus                Treasurer

John Hammer             Secretary

Joel McGlynn was thanked for donating a full cricket kit to the new Casey Club, plus his introduction of Platypus for cricket balls for the Carnival and next season’s cricket. Platypus supplied 2 Super balls and commemorative shirts and caps for the first Test match. Letters of thanks were sent to outgoing Committeemen – Jim Murphy, Tony Ambrose and David Tomlinson.

Graham Cuddon advised he had 12 Umpires for the National Carnival. Alan Duffus advised we had a balance of $419.00 in the Bendigo Bank, with $3500 in the Investment account.

Fixtures were presented for the 2008/9 season – 05 October through to 29 March.Teams entered were Essendon, Melbourne, Casey, Bayside 1 & 2, Whitehorse, ACS, Ringwood, West Vic. Plus some scheduled Interstate games. A record 71 games were available to Victorian players during 2008/09 season.

05 October                  ACT vs Victoria                                 Canberra

07 December  West Vic vs SA Country                    Colac

01 February                SA Country vs West Vic                   Mt Gambier   

Essendon obtained a new ETU sponsorship of $2500 and were the first with their own club uniform.

Part of the strategy of VOSCA taking a touring team to the UK in 2007 was to encourage a reciprocal visit by an England squad during our Carnival week. In November, England Over 60s brought out a team of 19 players, 10 partners and an Umpire. Their first game was in Sydney on 12 November, including playing in our National Carnival at Fawkner Park (replacing Queensland who couldn’t field a team). As well as the Carnival, the very first Australia/England ODI Test match was played on 16 November 2008 at Hogben-Meckiff Oval, Mentone, Victoria. Apart from some dignatories, a presentation of medals was made to the players who participated in the World’s first Over 60s cricket match played in Brighton (Vic) on 04 January 2003.

It was great day with Ian Meckiff tossing the coin.

The selected Australian Team was: Geoff Dymock (C), Bob Cotgrove (Tas), Bob Green (tas), Mike Gallagher (ACT), Ron Axelby (ACT), John Mason (SA), John Fogarty (NSW), Gordon Ives (NSW), Jim Curtis (SA), Ian Longmuir (Vic), Ian Spencer (Vic),12th men were: Max Grimmer (Vic), Ted Gleeson (Tas), Keith Miller (SA) and John Pym (NSW).

Former Test Umpire, Max O’Connell and English Umpire, Mike Rawlings officiated.

England won the match!

It was worth noting that one of the England players, John Stuck had played in 2,400 matches, made 58,700 runs, scored 148 centuries, 571 half centuries, with a career average of 46. Being a wicketkeeper, he had over 500 stumpings and as many catches. Not a bad record to have!

Scores for the Australia vs England match:

Australia all out for 131.

John Fogarty (NSW) 37, Gordon Ives (NSW) 14, Mike Gallagher (ACT) 13, Bob Cotgrove (Tas) 13, Jim Curtis (SA) 12, Ian Longmuir (Vic) 10.

Derek Chapman 3/18, John Butterworth 2/22, Micky Back 2/20, Mel Wood 1/20, Miles Rawlings 1/0. Lost to England 3/132. John Stuck 40, John Butterworth 31, Miles Rawlings 22, Gerald Webster 17*. Jim Curtis 1/25, Geoff Dymock 0/16, ron Axelby 0/17, Ian Longmuir 0/25.

Special thanks were extended to many people in VOSCA for their contribution in planning and running the Carnival, plus special thanks were extended to Laurie (hotplate) Hindle and his wife Glenda for putting on a wonderful BBQ for our English visitors.

The 3rd Over 60s Cricket Carnival attracted a record 13 teams and was held at Fawkner Park from 16 to 21 November, using 5 turf and 5 synthetic wickets.

The Official Opening was held at the Test match on Sunday, 16 November at 11:30am. The Hon Mark Dreyfus MP opening the Carnival. Over 60s cricket was praised by him in Parliament and recorded in Hansard, November 2008.

On Monday, 17 November, Mrs Jan de Kretser, wife of the Governor of

Victoria was a special guest speaker for morning tea and addressed our visiting Ladies from around Australia and England.

It was a very successful Carnival with our Victoria 1 team going through the Carnival undefeated.

One of our VOSCA O/60s Victoria caps was donated to the MCG Museum.

Our winning team was: Ian Sharp, Graham Cuddon, Warren Dummett, Ian Leach, Chris Hartrup, Ian Marks, Colin Jones, Ian Longmuir, Stephen Hando,Arthur Pritchard, Ian Spencer, Max Grimmer (Capt) Russell Whitney, Geoff Coley.

The Carnival was followed by a dinner at the Tivoli Club for a record, 199 guests.

It was announced at the dinner that Tasmania would hold the 2009 National O/60s Cricket Carnival in November.

At the dinner, Geoff Dymock advised that he and other shield players were interested in advancing the prospects of Queensland being involved in future Carnivals.

On 19 November, the meeting of the Australian Over 60 Cricket Association was held at Fawkner Park. The previous inaugural meeting was held at Poplar Oval at the Carnival on 18 November 2007.   Present were:

Noel Pullen (elected Chairman), John Hammer, Ron Axelby, Chris Tobin, Graham Horlin-Smith, Rex Thompson, Ian McLeod, Tim Lithgow, Mike Gandy, Kevin Finlay, Peter Richardson, Geoff Anyon.

Rule change:

The meeting suggested that consideration be given for a designated 12th man to be either nominated as a bowler or a batsman prior to the commencement of play.

Tasmania being the only State to tender for the 4th Over 60s 2009 Carnival were unanimously appointed. Mike Gandy advised the Carnival would be held in Launceston during November. They expected to receive good sponsorship support. Geoff Anyon would be appointed Carnival Director.

2010 Carnival:

It was proposed that the 2010 Carnival would be held in Canberra. Carried unanimously.

Wider Horizons

John Hammer announced a VOSCA tour to the UK from 07 to 30 August 2009. They planned to play 11 matches against Yorkshire, Yorkshire Nth, Yorkshire Sth, Australia vs England at Sheffield, Essex, Billericay, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Sunbury. The group were taking cricket caps from our own Sunbury CC and Rupertswood CC, a replica “Ashes Urn” and a plaque from Cricket Victoria to present to the Sunbury-on-Thames CC. Sightseeing tours included for the Ladies. The cost was just under $5000.00 including return flights. By the end of February the tour was fully booked with 35 (24 players, 1 Umpire and 10 Ladies) tourists.

In February 2009, we were advised of the sad passing of two of our great VOSCA members. Alan Broadbent who was a VOSCA Committeeman and Bayside Secretary, and Bill Coghlan who was 85, and the oldest playing VOSCA member. Both sadly missed.

On Wednesday, 01 April 2009, VOSCA held their Annual Dinner at Hampton RSL. The evening was well attended including invited guests and sponsors.

On 11 May 2009 a meeting was held at Sunbury Football Social Club with the intention of forming a team for the 2009/10 season. All cricket clubs were contacted in the Gisborne District Cricket Association.

The 2009 VOSCA AGM was held at Cricket Victoria HQ on Wednesday, 29 July 2009.

Election of Office Bearers:

President                     Rob Wilson

Vice President            Ron Luckman (re-elected)

Secretary                     Stewart Jenvey    

Treasurer                    Russell Newton

Registrar                     Paul Taylor

The incoming President thanked John Hammer for his fantastic contribution to Over 60s cricket. It was the first time since inception that John Hammer was not serving on the Executive of VOSCA. Applauded by all present at the meeting.

10 teams nominated for the 2009/10 season.

Election of 3 Life Members: Max Grimmer, Jim Murphy and Ian Wood.

Total Financial Members for 2009 was 128.

John Hammer reported on the success of the recent UK VOSCA tour. There were many highlights, but one in particular stood out, Alan McLeish’s 100 not out at Romford verses Essex. The first 100 by an Over 60s cricketer whilst playing Over 60s cricket.

On 05 October 2009, the 3 VOSCA teams and 1 Vic Country team were announced for the upcoming 4th O/60s National Carnival in Launceston played from 15 to 19 November.

Victoria was the Division1 winner and retained the John Hammer Trophy for the second year in a row.

From 04 to 09 July 2010, VOSCA ran its first Winter Carnival in Wodonga. 6 teams entered, Casey, Essendon, Ringwood/Whitehorse, NSW, SA/Bayside and VOSCA.

The 2010 VOSCA AGM was held at Cricket Victoria on 28 July 2010.

Election of Office Bearers:

President                     Rob Wilson (re-elected)

Vice President            Ron Luckman (re-elected)

Secretary                     Rex Thompson

Treasurer                    Graham Cuddon

Registrar                     John Moore

41 Members were in attendance.

The following were nominated by their clubs to represent them on the Committee:

Ian Hammet, Stewart Jenvey, Kevin Brown, Lloyd Haley, Bernie Clancy, Stephen Hando, Bill Morison, Greg Watsford, Chris Hartrup and Ian McLeod.

At the first Executive Meeting on 02 August 2010 a survey designed by Russell Newton was sent to all VOSCA players. A discussion to take place at the next meeting.

Selectors were elected for the next National Championships in Canberra, Rob Wilson, Ron Luckman and Max Grimmer.

Four Vic teams would be entered – Vic 1, Vic Bushies, Vic Rangers, Vic Stormers and ACS.

Rex Thompson, Graham Cuddon and Alan Duffus were elected for the Fixtures Committee for 2010/11 season. Teams entered were: Bayside Gold & Bayside Blue, Casey, Casey-Iona, Essendon (2), Whitehorse, Ringwood, Possums & Ringwood Rovers, Mornington, Sunbury, Geelong, Vic Country & ACS.

It was noted, Members of the Executive would be willing to travel to Geelong, Sunbury and Mornington to talk about VOSCA to prospective members.

Changes needed to be made to the Constitution, so a Committee was elected. Kevin Fletcher, Paul Taylor, Stewart Jenvey, Lloyd Haley.

On 09 July 2010, we received a note from Tasmania that Brendon Lyons from Launceston passed away aged 83. He was the son of former Prime Minister Hon Joe Lyons and Dame Enid Lyons. He played in the first Vic O/60s vs Launceston match at Launceston Grammar on 27 November 2006. He played in excess of 1000 games with the Old Launcestonians. He came out of retirement (aged 80) to play in the World’s oldest XI cricket match at Royal Park in 2006. Another great old gentleman cricketer left the crease!

Administrative Refinement – and ongoing

On 07 September 2010, a full Committee meeting was held. It was moved that the Constitution be altered so that future voting would be on a club basis with one vote per club (carried by unanimous vote).

A defibrillator was purchased using a $3000 Government Grant.

New teams for 2010/11 include Yarra Valley, a second Ringwood team and Casey-Iona.

Russell Newton’s survey was discussed with 13 points being recommended by members for discussion. A letter of thanks was sent to Russell Newton advising almost all of the points were accepted and would be put into operation, whilst a few will take a little longer.

VOSCA took a team to the UK and La Manga, Spain to play in the Spitfire Cup from 21 September to 12 October 2010. Playing 9 County games and 3 matches in La Manga, Spain. The tour was organised by John Hammer and the touring party was Allan McLeish, Tony Corr, Barry Levens, Bob Cannon, Clive Wundersitz (SA), Don Sherwell, Greg Johnson, Greg Watsford, Ian Foot, Ian Longmuir, Ian Rowland, James Barrett, John Carey, Kelvin Grant, Laurie Hindle, Paul Robinson, Ray Matters, Wayne Warner and John Hammer.

At the Executive meeting on 23 October it was announced that VOSCA was organising a tour to the UK and Spain in 2011, plus Australia Over 60s will tour the UK in May 2011. Rob Wilson, Team Manager.

A meeting was arranged between John Watkins of Cricket Victoria and Rob Wilson, Rex Thompson, Graham Cuddon and Ron Luckman. Various items were discussed such as CV looking at standardising over 40s, 50s and 60s in the future. CV supplied Victoria shirts for the Canberra Carnival.

The 5th O/60s National Championships for 2010 were in Canberra from 07 to 11 November. Vic Country won the Division 2 title. Queensland won the Division 1 title. 18 teams entered, including a team from NZ and WA for the first time.

At the start of the 2010/11 season the following membership was: Casey-Iona 29, Essendon 20, Geelong 19, Whitehorse 25, Bayside 35, Vic Country 13, Ringwood 30, Mornington 19, Acs 14, Sunbury 17. 221 players in total.

At the 01 February 2011 VOSCA Executive meeting it was announced that the 2011 National Carnival would be held in Armidale, NSW, from 19 to 25 November. Victoria would enter three teams. It was assumed that Vic Country and ACS would also enter teams. 42 players were selected from VOSCA.

The end of year dinner would be held on 05 April at Hampton RSL. Each club would be asked to organise a table of 10 (ACS, Vic Country & Geelong expressed some difficulty with this). An English O/60s team as well as an O/70s team and supporting players toured Australia playing matches in NSW and Victoria, games played on 27 November (Bulleen), 29 November (Geelong) and 01 December (Casey Fields). Although their Test team proved too good and remained undefeated throughout the tour, Australia did win one of the O/70s Tests and our Club teams: ACS, Geelong, Sunbury and Casey all recorded good wins against the visitors. Our O/70s Tests were played at Rupertswood on 28 November and Mornington on 30 November. In the Over 70s Test matches, 9 Victorians were selected and guaranteed to play in either of the matches. Terry Dunn, Peter Flack, Bruce Hotton, John Hunter, Terry Lindsey, Des Lloyd, Norm Mcleod, Rex Thompson, David Tomlinson. Each player received a CA shirt and a baggy green cap for representing Australia.

It was interesting that zoning was discussed with the possibility of reducing travel. Perhaps an East Zone consisting of Ringwood, Whitehorse, Casey-Iona, Mornington, ACS and a central zone with Bayside, Essendon, Sunbury, Vic Country and Geelong. It was decided it was too difficult to implement at this stage.

Graham Cuddon was organising an Over 60s cricket tour to NZ from 11 to 28 March to play in the Golden Oldies tournament. Organised by NZ.

VOSCA took a group to the UK in August 2011. They visited Singapore, Malta, then on to England & Wales. 09 to 29 August.

The 2011 VOSCA AGM was held at Cricket Victoria HQ on 02 August 2011. 42 members in attendance.

Election of Office Bearers:

President                     Rob Wilson (re-elected)

Vice President            Ron Luckman (re-elected)

Secretary                     Rex Thompson (re-elected)

Treasurer                    Graham Cuddon (re-elected)

Registrar                     Paul Taylor

It was approved that the Gippsland Goannas and Warrandyte be accepted as new teams for the 2011/12 season.

Teams were: ACS, Bayside (2), Casey, Casey/Iona, Essendon, Iona, Geelong, Gippsland, Mornington, Ringwood, Sunbury, Vic Country, Warrandyte, Whitehorse, Yarra Valley.

Vale: Richard Elvins and Glenda McLeod. Condolences were expressed to their families and their contributions were outlined by Ian Hammet and Rex Thompson.

The 6th 2011 O/60s National Championships were played in Armidale, 19 to 25 November.

Although the week was spoiled by bad weather, Victoria 1 had two very good wins and shared the Division 1 trophy with Tasmania. Our Division 3 team also won their Division.

It was announced that the 2012 Carnival would be held in Adelaide.

The first Committee meeting for 2012 was held at Highett RSL on 31 January. Due to the poor weather at the Armidale Carnival a match was organised between joint winners Victoria and Tasmania to played in Launceston on 21 February. Victoria won in a closely fought match.

Rob Wilson attended a Portland mini-carnival involving teams from Mt Gambier, Adelaide, Vic Country and Portland. Congratulations were given to Ged Edwards and his team who were responsible for raising nearly $10,000 for the “Make a Wish” Foundation.

In our domestic inter-club season for 2011/12, 82 games were scheduled, 6 were washed out. The remaining games were highly competitive, and also gave some 250 players the opportunity to participate.

VOSCA completed a tour to New Zealand , 18 to 23 March 2012 and it was voted a success although bad weather in Wellington meant we played less cricket than was envisaged. Our group of 25 divided into two reasonably equal teams. The Stormers won games in Auckland, Nelson and Christchurch whilst the Rebels often had to play against much younger opponents and won one game.

The 2012 Annual VOSCA Dinner was held at Treacy Centre in Parkville on 17 April. The guest speaker was Colin Kinnear.

“Colin ‘Col’ Kinnear was a former Australian rules football coach who coached the Sydney Swans in the VFL/AFL. He is the son of former Melbourne player Joe Kinnear. Kinnear played amateur football in Melbourne during the 1960s through University High School Old Boys until two knee operations forced him into premature retirement “. He was an excellent speaker on the night.


The Nationals Selectors chose a 2012 Touring team to the UK. The team was:

Gill Chapman, Nev Kratzmann, Dennis Moran, John Fryer, Paul Cullen, Brian Walters, Geoff Field, Colin Cooke, Tony Paterson, Ron Kasputtis, Rob Haling, Brian Kratzmann, Peter Virgen, Stirling Hamman (Captain), Ross Chapman (V Captain & Manager), Albert Barwick, Ian Pritchard, Peter Harrison.

The Australian Over 60s Cricket Team Tour of UK 2012 – Tour Report

Further to Nev Kratzmann’s suggestion that we embark on a tour to England and Wales back in Armidale at the National Over 60s Titles in November 2011 the wheels were put in motion for such an event. Following 6 months of planning which included the selection of an 18 man squad and a crowded itinerary of 16 games in 19 days, we were ready to begin the adventure of a life time on 14 July 2012 for 3 weeks. And so it turned out to be!

Unfortunately, John and Margaret Fryer were required to return home after just 2 days due to a serious fall by John’s mother back in Newcastle, but their decision to fly back was totally vindicated. Having said that John and Margaret were greatly missed both on and off the park especially as John had produced our superb tour brochure and had completed many pre-tour tasks as well as top scoring in our opening game vs. Somerset.

We arrived after the locals had experienced the most summer rainfall in recorded history with many games cancelled and grounds under water from the continuous deluge. Fortunately it largely stopped raining for our visit and we played 14 out of our 16 scheduled matches. In those 14 contests we won 5 and lost 9 however we lost 5 of those games in the last over and a further 2 by 31 and 12 runs respectively. In all of these close finishes we created catching opportunities to win the game but were not able to secure the result.

It was a marvellous performance by a team who had not played together before and a tribute to their dedication, enthusiasm and resilience to fight back despite the frustrating results and the weariness and injury factors which are ever present at our age.

By any measure it was a highly successful tour and an immensely enjoyable one. We have everlasting memories of the games and places we visited as well as the post match dinners we attended resplendent in our National Blazers. Every game was a highlight for me. Permanent friendships within our team and the opposition were forged as a result of our campaign. The English and Welsh hospitality was overwhelming and every County invited us to return and do it all again in 2014.

In conclusion I wish to personally thank every member both male and female of our touring party who did so much to make our make our cricket touring experience an unforgettable happy and pleasurable one. In particular I wish to acknowledge the efforts of Manager Ross Chapman and Peter Harrison for compiling the tour statistics; match reports and producing this tour book.

Thank you and well done everyone.

Stirling Hamman
Captain, Australian Over 60s, UK Tour 2012. 25 August 2012.

The Next Step                                                                                                                A special VOSCA general meeting was held on 12 June 2012.   Graham Cuddon and Rosie McLeod were nominated for Life Membership. It was carried with acclamation. Discussions were also held re fixtures for 2012/13. The majority of Clubs felt they did not want a strict geographical division as they were happy to travel and play games around the State. It was decided to refer it all to the Fixtures Committee.

The 2012 VOSCA AGM was held on 31 July at Cricket Victoria. The following Office Bearers were elected:    


President                    Rob Wilson                                                                    

Vice President           Ross Price                                                                                 

Secretary                    Rex Thompson                                                        

Treasurer                  Graham Cuddon                                                  

Registrar                    Paul Taylor

The following Clubs applied to join VOSCA – Mount Evelyn, Hobsons Bay, Brighton Union. Moved and seconded they be admitted.

A VOSCA team organised by Joel McGlynn travelled from 19 September to 16 October 2012 to Europe for the very first time, visiting France, Gibraltar and Spain. We played 3 cricket matches in France, 1 in Gibraltar, 2 in Spain, finishing at La Manga for a 5 day Spitfire Cricket Tournament. Athough we didn’t win the Spitfire Trophy, we did win the 20/20 match beating an English team, much to the surprise and horror of all the English supporters as the English team was a red-hot favourite. The team including partners were, Ian Longmuir, Rob Wilson, Greg Johnson, Ross Price, Greg Watsford, Ray Matters, Bob Cannon, Ian Rowland, Stewart Jenvey, Greg lott, Kelvin Grant, Wayne Warner, Stephen Lane, Paul Robinson, Charles Rees, Rex Thompson, Don Everett and Joel McGlynn.

John Hammer moved that a trophy be awarded annually for VOSCA’s best kept scorebook and that it be called: “The Rosie McLeod Trophy” In honour the loss of Rosie McLeod (wife of Ian) who contributed so much to the running of Glen Waverley and Yarra Valley Clubs. It was accepted by unanimous vote. Ian McLeod advised he would donate the trophy in honour of Rosie.

Ross Price proposed to launch a midweek VOSCA draw for 2012/13 season. 4 teams were interested and Ross supplied a few versions for a fixture. Those teams to report back to Ross.

The 7th National Over 60s-70s Championships were held in Adelaide from 10 to 15 November 2012. ACT won Div 1, Vic Bushies Div 2, Vic Geelong Div 3, Vic O/70s B Div 4, Vic Lightning Div 5.

On 08 April 2013, at our Delegate’s Meeting, presentations were given by Joel McGlynn, John Hammer and Rob Wilson as to where to hold the 9th National Over 60s & 70s Championships in Melbourne for 2014. Rob Wilson’s presentation to hold the Championships in the Casey/Dandenong area was successfully voted for by Delegates. Joel McGlynn announced a new sponsorship arrangement with Buffalo Sports. The 2013 VOSCA Annual Dinner was held at the German Tivoli Club on 16 April. 163 guests attended the event. 5 and 10 year VOSCA Membership medals were handed out at the event. VOSCA Patron, Paul Sheehan was the Guest Speaker.

Derek Braidner organised a VOSCA tour to the USA, 18 April to 08 May 2013 playing cricket in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Staten Island (New York), culminating in a open-age cricket carnival in Philadelphia. 18 players travelled along with 10 Partners. It was a highly successful tour and the first time the Americans had played against Over 60s cricketers. Quite a shock for them!

The VOSCA Annual General Meeting was held at Brighton Senior Citizens Centre on 29 July 2013.

Election of Office Bearers:                                                                    

President                    Rob Wilson (re-elected)                                                    

Vice President           Russ Newton                                                          

Secretary                    Joel McGlynn                                                            

Treasurer                  Greg Watsford                                                       

Registrar                    Ian Leach

In general business, John Hammer moved for a number of alterations to our Constitution. The motion was withdrawn and moved that amendments be presented to a special general meeting in November. The Secretary wrote to Rex Thompson and thanked him on behalf of members for his generous time given to VOSCA, serving on various Committees and holding the roles of both President and Secretary over a number of years. Rex was also a founding member of VOSCA and played in the first 2003 match. Joel also wrote a letter of thanks to Paul Taylor, Ross Price and Graham Cuddon, previous Executive Members. Joel McGlynn announced a new 3 year sponsorship arrangement with Buffalo Sports for 2013 to 2016.   Buffalo Sports will pay VOSCA $2000 on 01 March for 2014, 2015 & 2016, plus supply four piece cricket balls at $26.40 inc. GST for the three years.

In August 2013, Rob Wilson and Joel McGlynn put together an Australian O/70s tour to England, playing 3 ODI Test matches and 7 County matches. Rob Wilson was the Tour Manager. Victorians selected to represent Australia on this tour were Des Lloyd, Peter Flack, Terry Dunn and Graeme Freshwater. Alongside this Test tour, we also ran an O/60s VOSCA tour, captained by Greg Watsford playing 10 County games. Tour participants were Wayne Bickerdike, Graeme Cook, John Dighton, John Doyle, Steve Drew, Lindsay Fisher, Stephen Lane, Terry Lindsey, Colin O’Neill, Don Sherwell, Dick Stumbles, Bill Wigmore and Joel McGlynn (Tour Manager).

VOSCA held a Captain’s meeting where various issues were discussed. They recommended that a player obtaining the age of 60 at anytime during the season be eligible to play from the start of the season. This was voted on at a Delegates meeting on 23 September 2013 that “A person obtaining the age of 60 by 31 December in that year be eligible to play for that season”. Also, that all boundaries should be a maximum of 50 metres, measured by a half circle from each wicket. This also was adopted.

The President, Rob Wilson offered a special thanks to Ian Hammet for the colossal number of hours put in to complete the 2013/14 fixtures.

Rob Wilson also reported that the Victoria/Tasmania challenge to be conducted in Tasmania in February 2014, with Over 70s also being played for the first time. He also reported that following the 8th National Championships on the Sunshine Coast, 07 to 12 September 2013, the Presidents voted to change the National Body’s name to “Seniors Cricket Australia”. Congratulations were also extended to our Victoria O/70s A team who won the first National O/70s section of the Championships beating our own O/70s B team. Buffalo Sports were also thanked for supplying all the shirts and caps for these National Championships, plus their $2000 sponsorship for the season. Thanks also to Jetset Brighton for their $500 sponsorship and to David Wells for the supply of newly designed and printed scorebooks, plus a generous sponsorship for the next three seasons.

A special General Meeting was held on 11 November 2013 on changes to our Constitution. Stewart Jenvey and Ian Wilson re-worked our Constitution bringing it up-to-date with the new “Association Incorporation Reform Act of 2012”. The changes were presented and a motion put forward to accept the new changes, allowing the Secretary to forward changes to Consumer Affairs prior to the required date of 24 November. A Delegates meeting followed and the Secretary advised a sponsorship cheque was received from Baillieu Holst for $1500.00. The President recommended that for our 2014 Nationals in Melbourne, we enter Vic Metro and Vic Country teams in each Division. This would help to accommodate more players expected to participate from Victoria. It was carried by unanimous vote.

Greg Watsford was appointed the Championships Director for our Melbourne Nationals. He would co-ordinate all aspects of the Championships working with elected Committees. The Function venue for the Meet & Greet and Finale Dinner to be held at the Sandown Racecourse.

Stephen Hando proposed holding an Inaugural Cricket Carnival at Echuca from 20 to 24 January. It was expected 4 to 6 teams would participate. The Carnival was approved by majority vote.

A VOSCA Delegates meeting was held on 03 February 2014. Buffalo Sports provide $2000.00 sponsorship for the season. Joel McGlynn introduced the Cricket Australia/Toyota Raffle. If VOSCA sold 400 tickets @ $5 each, Toyota would return the $2000 to us as sponsorship. This was accepted and tickets were distributed to all Clubs.

Two teams (60s & 70s) went to Mt Gambier on 23 March and played SA teams.

On 07 April 2014 at a Delegates Meeting, the following was reported and discussed. Joel McGlynn reported we made $1750 for the CA/ Toyota raffle, not quite making the $2000 expected. Kel Grant reported that both teams won in Tasmania this year, and in Mt Gambier, the O/60s won and the O/70s lost. Both States are keen to continue the challenge for future years.                                                                                           The VOSCA annual dinner was held on 15 April and 125 guests attended the German Tivoli Club. Mr Steve Milne was emcee and Rex Bennett was the Guest Speaker.

Stephen Hando reported the Echuca Carnival was to be 15 to 17 February 2015. 6 teams have entered – Gippsland, Iona, Geelong, Warrandyte, Vic Country and Rolling Stones (Yarra Valley).                                                                                                        A VOSCA Rules Committee met at the Moonee Ponds Club on 23 May to discuss all aspects of rules for VOSCA.

A composite NSW/Qld/ACT/Vic Over 60s team toured the UK from 10 July to 06 August playing 17 games. The tour was the result of an Australian Over 60s tour being cancelled. Over all, we won 10, lost 5 and drew 2 matches. It was a great success.

Derek Braidner ventured into his second tour from 02 to 30 July 2014 playing cricket in Ireland, Scotland and of all places, Iceland. This was a jam-packed tour and well received by all participants. 17 players and 11 partners travelled.

The 2014 VOSCA AGM was held at Brighton Senior Citizens Centre on 11 August 2014 at 7:30pm.                                                                             

Election of Office Bearers:                                                                                

President                                Rob Wilson (re-elected)                                  

Vice President                       Ged Edwards (re-elected)                        

Secretary                                Joel McGlynn (re-elected)                        

Treasurer                              Greg Watsford (re-elected)                        

Registrar                                Ian Leach (re-elected)                                                            

This was one of the shortest AGM’s on record!

A VOSCA Delegates meeting followed the AGM. Rob Wilson advised VOSCA was now a member of the VCMU and VCCL which meant that prospective players not currently playing in VOSCA would be invited to nominate for our National Championships. Notices were sent to both Associations for distribution to their members. VOSCA now had a Facebook page up and running. Orange cricket balls were trialled for the first half of the new season. Midweek cricket was proposed to be played fortnightly for both Over 60s and 68s for next season. Derek Braidner’s (Exotic Tours) group had just returned following a successful tour to the UK and Iceland. He has a Honolulu tour in September.                                                                                                      Joel McGlynn organised a VOSCA Sri Lanka tour in March 2015 and it is fully booked.  Teams playing in 2014/15: ACS, Bayside (2), Essendon, Geelong (2), Gippsland, Glen Waverley, Hobsons Bay, Iona, Macedon Ranges, Mornington, Mt Evelyn, Ringwood, Sunbury, Vic Country (2), Yarra Valley (2), Warrandyte, VOSCA Composite team. The VOSCA team was added due to the odd number of teams for next season. It was expected they would play around 5 games. The team to be made up of any available VOSCA player. Life Memberships were bestowed on Stephen Hando, Ian Sharp and John Moore.

Derek Braidner organised an Over 60s “Super 9’s Cricket Carnival” in Honolulu from 06 to 16 September 2014. All matches were played at Kapiolani Park, adjacent to Waikiki Beach. Four teams of 9 players played each other twice (6 games) over 4 days. 64 tourists travelled as a group.

A Delegates Meeting was held on 29 September 2014. Printed Fixtures were distributed for the 2014/15 season for the first time. Copies to all VOSCA members. Scorebooks were also provided by our Sponsor, Baillieu Holst. Greg Watsford advised that 35 turf wickets had been found to handle the Nationals in November (plus synthetic wickets in case of rain). The Championships would run from 08 to 13 November. VOSCA Members would be contacted requesting assistance in running the Championships. Ian Leach had secured umpires for each match. Buffalo Sports provided the cricket balls.

The 9th National Over 60s – 70s Championships in Melbourne 08 to 13 November 2014. The Championships got under way with 34 teams entering the Championships. Over 60s had 4 Divisions and one in Over 70s. We produced a bright 40 page four-colour brochure paid for by advertisiers and sponsors. Our Patron, Paul Sheehan warmly supported the Nationals and wrote a nice forward, introducing the Championships to all cricketers from around Australia. Ian Leach did a fabulous job collating all scores for all matches. Great support was obtained from Sponsors, also the State Government and Cricket Australia. Greg Watsford as Championships Director put in hundreds of hours to ensure the success of the Championships. Contributions also by Ian Leach – Umpires & Disputes, Rob Wilson and John Scales – cricket grounds, Joel McGlynn – Cricket Manager (visiting all grounds on match days), Ian Leach, June Thornhill, Karen Hunter – Results & Statisticians. Rob Wilson came down with appendicitis during one of the matches and was hospitalised for the final day and Finale Dinner.                                    Winners were: Vic Country Div 1, NSW Div 2, 3 & 4, and Qld O/70s.

VOSCA held an Executive Meeting on 23 January 2015. Greg Watsford reported we should break even for the Nationals just held in November, or perhaps a small profit. Joel McGlynn recommended that VOSCA fall in line with other States who had recently changed their names to fall in line with Seniors Cricket Australia. We don’t have to change our registered Incorporation name, just change our logo for shirts, etc. to “Victoria Seniors Cricket”. This was agreed to by the Executive.

The 2nd Echuca Carnival was well attended from 15 to 17 February 2015 with 8 teams enjoying a week of cricket.

An O/60s match was played at Elsternwick Oval between Victoria and Tasmania on 03 March. Victoria won. Tasmania did not bring an O/70s team this year. SA would be bringing both teams to play Victoria on 15 March in Geelong. The VOSCA Sri Lanka Tour was fully booked and is leaving on 29 March for a two week tour. Tim Spear is the Team Manager having travelled to Sri Lanka previously. Following the newly tried Orange ball last season, VOSCA carried out a survey of members to gauge their preference between using orange and red balls. The result was a unanimously 85% in favour of the red ball from 200 replies received. The 10th National Over 60s-70s Championships were scheduled to be played in Hobart in November 2015.                                                                           Rob Wilson arranged with the Ballarat Cricket Association to play an exhibition match in Ballarat on Sunday, 08 March between Iona and Casey. Any Ballarat O/60s players were invited to play. It was agreed by all that Ballarat is an area where VOSCA should have a team playing.

Derek Braidner arranged an Over 60s Cricket Carnival in Vanuatu from 15 to 22 June 2015. 17 Tourists travelled to Vanuatu and played 3 days of cricket.

Seniors Cricket Australia sent an Australian O/60s team to England from 03 June to 03 July 2015. They played 18 games and won 14. We had 6 Victorians in the squad – Neil King, Rex Bennett, David Cordy, Robin Court, Ian Southall and Greg Johnson. They played 2 ODI Tests and one two-day Test (a first for any O/60s team). Australia one the grey Ashes for the first time 2 – 1.

Rob Wilson escorted a VOSCA O/70s tour to England, 08 to 29 July 2015. The group had a wonderful tour winning 6 out of 10 games. Our guys also played two games against an All-England team but were soundly beaten. Rob Wilson emailed results each day and these were immediately emailed to VOSCA members. Greg Watsford escorted an O/60s VOSCA Tour to England at the same time as our O/70s, however they played in different areas of the UK. Greg said with fewer injuries on tour they would have won more games.

More changes                                                                                                  

The 2015 VOSCA AGM was held at Brighton Senior Citizens Centre on 17 August 2015. Rob Wilson presented his President’s Report and advised he was standing down as President after 6 years. He thanked many people including John Hammer for starting O/60s cricket. He thanked the Executive and Delegates for their support, and our sponsors, Buffalo Sports, Baillieu Holst and Helloworld Brighton. A highlight of Rob’s tenure was seeing VOSCA grow from 8 teams to 22, plus the enjoyment of organising and touring to the UK a number of times, including the first Australian O/70s Test tour in 2013. He also welcomed Benalla CC into VOSCA. He advised they would be playing fortnightly on the picturesque Rose Gardens Oval.

Greg Watsford presented his financial report. He advised we made a small loss of $231.00 on the National Championships. This was a satisfactory result considering a couple of major sponsors didn’t proceed with a donation which was budgeted for. He thanked our auditors, Graham Cuddon and Alan Duffus, who did a fantastic job (for free) in checking the figures and offered guidance in balancing the books each year.

Joel McGlynn nominated Rob Wilson for Life Membership for his contribution and guidance over these past 6 years. He was accepted by unanimous vote of Members.

Election of Office Bearers:                                                                            

President                                Greg Johnson                                                  

Vice President                       Kel Grant                                                  

Secretary                                Joel McGlynn                                                  

Treasurer                              Greg Watsford                                            

Registrar                                Ian Leach

Rob Wilson handed the Presidency over to Greg Johnson. Greg thanked Rob for his great service and guidance over the past 6 years as President. He also thanked the Delegates for their support. He then outlined his objectives and plans for the year ahead.

Two O/68s teams from Victoria and NSW met in Albury for a rematch on 09 December 2015. This being the 10th Anniversary since the first match held in Concord, NSW in April 2005. Victoria won back the Ron Luckman Shield.

A VOSCA Delegates Meeting was held on 05 October 2015 at the Brighton Senior Citizens Centre. The President congratulated Graham Cuddon, Ian Hammet, Bob Hopkins, Peter Dell and Ron Kasputtis for being selected to represent Australia O/70s in matches to play England O/70s in either Sydney or Canberra next month. Following the AGM it was reported that VOSCA made a small loss of $231.00 from the Melbourne Nationals, however our Auditors discovered that in fact we made a profit of $6058.00, so it turned out a great result thanks to our Finance people.

Buffalo Sports again provided players shirts for the Hobart Nationals. A shirt with the new Victoria Seniors Cricket logo was shown and approved by Members. The 10th National Over 60s/70s Championships were held in Hobart from 15 to 20 November.

At a VOSCA Executive Meeting held on 11 December 2015, President Greg Johnson put forward a proposal to hold a VOSCA Planning Conference on 07 and 08 March 2016 for Executives and 2 Delegates from each Club to plan the requirements of VOSCA for the next 5 years. Basically a “think tank”.

It was announced that the 11th National O/60s – 70s Championships would be held in Perth from 05 to 12 November 2016. Dates were set for our visit to Launceston to play Tasmania on 23 February and Adelaide and on 13 March to play SA, in both 60s & 70s. Invites were sent to Victorian players interested in being selected for the Australian Over 70s Test tour to England. Joel McGlynn, the tour organiser, travelled with the team as Team Manager.

At our Delegates Meeting held on 18 January 2016, President Greg Johnson reported on a successful SCA meeting during the Hobart Nationals. All Overseas Tours now have a Team Manager travelling with the group. This would take the pressure of the Captain and Selectors. This position was advertised for the Over 70s tour in July. The new SCA Board was announced with Ian Fraser (Tas), President, Greg Johnson (Vic), Kevin Pike (NSW), Chris Tobin (SA), David Horsley (WA), Kerry Emery (Qld), Ron Axelby (ACT). From 2017, National Championships would have separate Over 60s and Over 70s Championships.

Greg Johnson asked Captains and Selectors from the Hobart Nationals for a review on the results. The most popular suggestion was to drop the split of Vic Metro and Vic Country teams and just play under the one Victorian banner. This will of course, strengthen our teams for Perth. The 3rd Echuca Carnival was successfully held from 20 to 24 March with 12 teams entered, including Tasmania and ACT.

Derek Braidner organised a Calypso/Yankee Tour from 09 April to 07 May 2016, playing matches in Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, New York (Staten Island), Philadelphia and Vancouver (Canada). 34 tourist travelled as a group.

The 2016 VOSCA Annual Dinner was held on 24 May at the German Tivoli Club with 100 guests attending. Ken Piesse was the Guest Speaker. All Life Members were invited as guests of VOSCA. Rob Wilson was inducted and presented his Life Membership medal. Lindsay Fisher was emcee and did a fantastic job!

Organising more                                                                                                      

At a Delegates Meeting held on 20 June 2016, Mr Peter Norman, Chairman of East Malvern Bendigo Community Bank, our new major sponsor ($10,000), spoke of the value of supporting Community Banks. VOSCA transferred its account to the new Bank and asked Clubs to do the same, wherever possible. Applications from 3 new Clubs were presented to Delegates, Richmond and Koo Wee Rup who would like to play weekly, and Hamilton who would like to play monthly. Their applications were put to a vote and unanimously accepted. The President reported on successful VOSCA tours in 2016. A New Zealand tour in March and in May, an Exotic tour to the USA/Mexico/Cuba/West Indies/Canada, plus a Samoa tour with 135 participants went ahead.   

The Australian Over 70s Test tour travelled to England on 02 July. 4 Victorians made the team – Peter Dell, Dick Stumbles, Ron Kasputtis and Bruce Pooley. Joel McGlynn was the Team Manager and was ably assisted by Peter Flack who travelled as a tourist. Greg and Joel had a meeting with the Box Hill Reporter and the Ringwood Cricket Association regarding an O/50s Competition. Kel Grant advised VOSCA were considering Zone games for next season. There would be 4 zones with the best players in O/60s selected from each zone to play on 3 scheduled dates. Selectors would be appointed for each zone. The Selectors chose nine teams to play in Perth, plus ACS, Geelong and Vic Country also providing teams.

Minutes of the Special VOSCA General Meeting held on 18 July 2016. Special Resolutions were advised to Clubs on 25 June 2016 to make 26 changes to the current Constitution. In the main, changes were to bring the Constitution up-to-date. e.g. Change the Vice President to read one or more Vice Presidents, due to not only the growth of VOSCA, but the work load of Executives. All changes were approved by the Meeting. 28 Members were present at the meeting. On 19 August, Robert Phillips made application for a new club, Koo Wee Rup to join VOSCA. The application was approved by the Executive for them to play in the 2016/17 season.                              

The 2016 VOSCA AGM was held on 22 August. The President’s Report for the year noted the huge amount of effort which had gone into developing VOSCA this past year. The main one being the 2 day Planning Conference held back in March. The strategies developed were being implemented and new Executive appointments started the ball rolling. A highlight this year was in securing a new major sponsor – East Malvern Bendigo Bank for $10,000.00, plus increasing our sponsorship with Buffalo Sports.

Election of Office Bearers:                                                              

President                                            Greg Johnson                                              

Vice President – Marketing            Ian Hammet                                                      

Vice President – Operations           Bill Dobson                                      

Secretary                                             Joel McGlynn                                  

Treasurer                                            Neville Crane                                        

Greg Johnson resumed the Chair and offered special thanks to Greg Watsford for his work as Treasurer over the past couple of years, especially the work in managing the Melbourne Nationals. Special thanks to Kel Grant for his past work as Vice President plus his serving on several Committees.

At the Delegates Meeting immediately following the AGM, Greg Johnson announced the SA vs Vic matches for both 60s & 70s would be played in Mt Gambier on 15 February 2017, and the Tas vs Vic matches would be played in Melbourne on 21 February. Ian Hammet, Vice President Marketing distributed new VOSCA flyers with the aim of attracting new players to VOSCA. Ian also introduced a new VOSCA video (produced by Neil King and family member Carlos). The video was shown a couple of times and was well received by Members. The video was already showiing on our VOSCA Facebook page. Plaudits were offered by all Members on the work of our new Marketing Committee.

Joel McGlynn mentioned the need to support our two major sponsors in East Malvern Bendigo Bank and Buffalo Sports. 9 teams were entered for the Perth Nationals, 7 in O/60s, and 2 in O/70s, plus 3 Club teams, ACS, Geelong and Vic Country.

At a VOSCA Delegates Meeting held on 03 October 2016, Greg Johnson reported on the September meeting of SCA and Cricket Australia. SCA is now Incorporated and will now start restructuring, bank accounts, etc. Cricket Australia suggested SCA consider being renamed Veterans Cricket Australia. CA held a belief that Seniors wasn’t the right name as it confused with normal cricket Seniors being over 21 years of age. CA will contact all State bodies seeking opinions and offering meeting with SCA State Presidents in each State.                                                                                        

SCA followed up on their 5 year plan by giving VOSCA the O/70s Nationals to run in 2019, the Over 60s Nationals in 2021 and the O/50s in 2023. If a State doesn’t want to host a particular Nationals, they can negotiate with another State to host the event. CA’s James Sutherland praised our new video and had placed it on CA’s Facebook page.

Neville Crane (new VOSCA Treasurer) announced all VOSCA Financial transactions would now use a new internet based system which would provide accounts figures on a daily basis. A sample was distributed to all Delegates. Scorebooks, fixtures, and cricket balls were distributed to all Clubs for the start of the 2016/17 season. Joel McGlynn advised he had applied for a Vic Health grant and was successful in VOSCA obtaining a new defibrillator to be used for home games and National Championships.

At an Executive Meeting held on 15 November 2016 the President thanked Bill Dobson for the huge amount of work in organising players and teams for the Perth Nationals, and whilst in Perth, the amount of work re-arranging teams due to a large number of injuries. The President announced that from 2017, the Over 70s would play in separate Championships, to be in Adelaide from 04 to 09 November 2017 and Over 60s in Canberra from 18 to 25 November 2017. The reason for the separation was the numbers for O/60s and O/70s right across Australia had grown so large, especially O/70s, that it was becoming too difficult to find the number of grounds to support both groups together. England O/60s visited Australia from 16 November 2016 and played a series of matches and 3 ODIs. They played 6 matches in Victoria, One in Bendigo, one in Geelong, and four in Melbourne, including an ODI Test against Australia at Trinity Grammar, Bulleen on 04 December. Ian Hammet, Ian Leach and Joel McGlynn were the Committee for all arrangements and Ian Hammet organised the Bulleen facilities, plus the after-match dinner at the Veneto Club. The Echuca Carnival was scheduled for 19 to 23 March 2017 with 12 teams entered, plus some Interstate teams.    


Thus to Veterans                                                                                         

The President reported that following a meeting with Cricket Australia, Seniors Cricket Australia agreed to change its name to Veterans Cricket Australia and that all States should also consider changing their names to Veterans Cricket. VOSCA to become Veterans Cricket Victoria. It was announced by CA they would like VCA to also encompass Veterans O/50s cricket under its banner, along with 60s and 70s.                                                                                        

Veterans Cricket Australia, now incorporated, held a meeting with CA on 20 February 2017. Neville Crane was appointed Treasurer of the VCA, with the bank being our Sponsor, East Malvern Bendigo Community Bank. Greg Johnson met once again with the Box Hill Reporter and the RDCA to discuss the possibility of Over 50s joining VOSCA. Due to the split of O/60s and 70s this year, there will be no Club teams taking part in Nationals. This was the first time since the first Nationals that our three Clubs would not participate – ACS, Geelong and Vic Country. Greg Johnson announced an Australian O/60s team would tour England in 2017. Nominations from Division 1 players were called for and the Team Manager’s position was advertised.                                      

At a VOSCA Delegates Meeting on 23 January 2017, Greg Johnson congratulated our Victoria Division 1 team for winning the John Hammer Cup at the Perth Nationals, and for our Vic O/70s 1 team being runner-up. A new appointment was made to cover Health & Safety issues for VOSCA. Ray Matters, a long time member of VOSCA agreed to take on this role. He developed a paper presented to Delegates on what he believed should be a Policy & Procedures Manual for all Clubs – playing conditions (heat rule), equipment (helmets, etc.), general health, club responsibilities, reporting injuries.

The England tour with 6 matches held in Victoria was a huge success and the English team spoke highly of the organisation and friendliness of the Victorian leg of their tour. Our combined Vic Country team beat them at Grovedale and our other Vic Country team almost beat them at Bendigo. Greg congratulated and thanked everyone involved in running a military-like operation in the successful running of the Victorian leg of the tour.

Neville Crane produced a new electronically produced financial report (now at the push of a button) which was well received by Members. It was advised by our Health & Safety Officer (Ray Matters) that helmets would become compulsory by the start of the 2019/20 season for all batsmen, wicketkeepers and close-in fieldsmen. VOSCA encouraged all Club wicketkeepers to start wearing a helmet for their own protection. Buffalo Sports offered very good lightweight helmets to members for $20.00. Due to a problem at the start of our season with the Buffalo Sports Paragon 4 piece ball cracking on damp days, Buffalo Sports supplied an upgraded ball in replacement, at no extra cost to VOSCA.                                                                                                              Qld introduced a new domestic Sunshine Coast Winter Cricket Carnival (initiated by VOSCA) to Members played from 29 July to 03 August 2017. This was open to all Members as teams were selected from available players. Ross Price from Geelong O/60s organised a tour to Darwin and Tiwi Island in August for VOSCA members. Ross filled the tour and reports came in of a very successful and enjoyable tour. A special general meeting was scheduled for 22 May 2017 to discuss the Association name change and other changes to our Constitution. Details were sent to all members 21 days before the meeting as was the requirement of Consumer Affairs.

At the Special General Meeting held on 22 May 2017, the President presented the suggested changes (already copied to all Clubs) including the reason for changes. The first discussed was the name change from Victoria Over 60 Cricket Association Inc, to Veterans Cricket Victoria Inc. The second was to change our Constitution to read, instead of players being 60 years, a change to 50 years, allowing for a proposed introduction of an Over 50s competition, and thirdly, allowing for 2 Ordinary Members on the Executive to make room for an O/50s representative. There were a few more minor changes. The changes were opened up for discussion. The changes were put to a vote and all changes were passed by a majority of 25 to 2, exceeding the 75% required.

A Delegate’s meeting followed the Special Meeting at 8.00pm. Greg Johnson reported on the VCA meeting where job functions (portfolios) were allocated. Neville Crane was appointed National Treasurer. CA indicated VCA should conduct O/50s Championships and co-ordinate O/50s cricket generally. The first O/50s Nationals would be held in Orange, NSW at Easter in 2018. Greg Johnson advised following a meeting with Box Hill Reporter (Peter White), their Over 50s Competition indicated a preference for them joining Veterans Cricket Victoria for the 2017/18 season. The Australian O/60s team was selected to tour England in July. Our Victorians, Rex Bennett, Kevin Lanigan, Chris Carr, Wayne Stokes and Trevor Saker were selected, with Neil King being appointed the Team Manager. Joel McGlynn organised all tour arrangements. Greg Johnson advised we had 5 teams entered in the first O/70s Nationals in Adelaide and 7 teams in the O/60s Nationals in Canberra. Accommodation was arranged in both Cities. Wodonga (a new Club) applied to enter a team for 2017/18. Bruce Pooley organised the new Club and explained in the first instance, it would be made up of a few players from Benalla and their team to play monthly.

Bill Dobson (Vice President Operations) reported on matches against SA, played in Mt Gambier. O/70s won, however O/60s lost. Tas O/60s also visited us in February with a convincing win to Victoria played at the Elsternwick Oval. Tas O/70s couldn’t provide a team.   Zone matches were trialled in 2016/7 and all players spoke of its success. They didn’t interfere with normal fixtures, so would be played again in 2017/8.   As part of our Health & Safety policy, VCV purchased 8 first aid kits for Clubs who requested a kit.                                                              

The VOSCA Annual Dinner was held at the German Tivoli Club on 30 May 2017. 110 guests attended and our Guest speaker was Bob Merriman, former President of Cricket Victoria and Chairman of Cricket Australia. We presented Victoria monogrammed caps to our Test players and successful winning National Championship players.

The Sunshine Coast Winter Carnival was a huge success with 56 players (plus partners) travelling North for the winter to play in 4 selected Victorian teams, playing 4 matches. Vic Country also entered a team.

VCA announced an England O/70s tour to Australia from 24 February 2018 starting in Perth for 2 games, then to Adelaide for 1 game plus an ODI Test, Mt Gambier for 1 game, then Geelong for an ODI Test on 08 March, then on to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast to complete the tour. Joel McGlynn organised their tour arrangements. The Australian team would be selected following our 1st National O/70s Championships in Adelaide, 04 to 09 November 2017.

A Delegates Meeting was held in Brighton on 02 October 2017. A guest speaker was arranged by Ray Matters (H&S Officer) – Dr Bernie Crimmins OAM provided a humorous, yet thought provoking talk on Men’s health. He has written 2 books – “Blokes Health 1 & 2”. VCV purchased 60 of each book and distributed two to each Club for sharing amongst their Members. Greg Johnson thanked Ray Matters for organising the talk and presented Bernie with a nice bottle of red and a Cricket Australia cricket bat, duly signed by the President.

Now and the future  

The meeting continued. Correspondence was received from Benalla CC requesting VCV’s Fixtures Committee look at changes to the current fixture. Peter Jacobsen spoke on the distances Benalla travelled along with other Country Clubs to play city matches, especially in the first half of the season. A motion was put, however defeated. The meeting did resolve that Country teams could always negotiate with city teams to play matches in an area agreed to by both Clubs, to save on travel times. Peter then moved the possibility of Victoria being split into 2 Divisions, perhaps north and south of Victoria. Some discussion took place and in the end a second motion was put for an elected Sub-Committee of John Moore, David Cordy, Peter Jacobsen and Ian Hammet (Chair) look at various options for the fixtures for the 2018/9 season. Greg Johnson reported on a VCA meeting with CA showing CA will support each of the individual Nationals with a grant of $5000.00. A National sponsorship was also agreed with Kingsgrove Sports (NSW) re supply of Australian National Uniforms, and cricket balls for all Nationals. This agreement would not affect our sponsorship arrangement with Buffalo Sports. Interstate matches were scheduled between SA and Victoria in 60s and 70s in Geelong on 19 February 2018, and for both teams to play in Launceston against Tasmania on 27 February.   The Echuca Carnival scheduled from 18 to 23 March 2018 anticipated that between 16 and 20 teams would participate.                                                

The VCV Executive recommended Ian Leach be made a Life Member of VCV for the huge contribution to VOSCA over many years looking after the My Cricket website, registration of players, umpire arrangements, and the Melbourne Nationals in 2014. A vote was put and was unanimously passed. Ian will be presented with his Life Membership medal at our 2018 Annual Dinner.                                                                                               

Scorebooks and cricket balls were distributed to all Clubs and inserted in the scorebooks, were a copy of the VCV rules, a summary of changes to the Laws of Cricket pertaining to VCV, and a sheet showing scoring and umpire signals and there meanings, plus an Emergency Procedures form for Clubs to complete showing their defibrillator location, contact numbers for a hospital, doctor, dentist, etc.

Victoria’s veteran cricketers were on a high after winning both Divisions at the 1st Over 70s National Championships held in Adelaide, 04 to 09 November 2017 and to keep the momentum going, Rob Wilson organised the World’s Oldest Cricket match on 19 November 2017. The previous record was by a Victorian team on 20 November 2007 with an average age of 75.5 years playing a younger 73 average aged team. This match was played at Fawkner Park during a National Carnival. It was a day of celebration for Victoria’s elder statesmen. Oldest team 78.91 yrs, second oldest team 74.83 years, so both teams beat the previous record compared with both teams from 2007. Played at Narre Warren North in front of a good crowd and filmed by Channel 9, the game showed why Victoria leads the world in veterans cricket. Acknowledged as the birthplace of veterans cricket, it was appropriate that the record establishing team included 5 players from the world’s first O/60s game of cricket in Brighton back in 2003. The sides were skippered by Rex Thompson (oldest team) and Ian Wilson (second oldest), plus the Umpires and scorers were all aged over 70. The day was testament to the joy the game of cricket provides for all ages. The scoresheet shows the teams plus their current ages. The 5 players who also played in the first ever O/60s cricket match were: Roger Grosvenor, Terry Dunn, Alan Jelliffe, Rex Thompson and Alan Duffus.

A Delegates Meeting was held on 23 January 2018. President, Greg Johnson opened the meeting (35 members in attendance) and welcomed our guest, Carol Robinson (wife of well known member, Paul Robinson). Carol was seconded to assist with the running of our 2018 VCV Annual Dinner. Greg, congratulated all VCV Victorian players who combined, provided for the first time, a clean sweep of both the Over 70s and Over 60s National Championships trophies in November. Our Vic 1 team won the Over 70s Division 1 Trophy in Adelaide, beating Queensland in the tightest finish ever seen in National Championships, then our Vic 3 team easily won the second Division Trophy, beating South Australia.

In Canberra, our Over 60s Vic 1 team beat our Vic 2 team for the John Hammer Trophy. This was also a very close finish with only 2 runs deciding the game. It really showed the strength of our Victorian teams when the Division 1 Final was played between our two Victorian teams. In Division 2, our Vic 3 team thrashed a NZ team to win the final. In Division 3, Vic 4 were way ahead of Qld in the final when rain halted play. Victoria was declared the winner. In Division 4, Vic 7 were in a strong position against NSW, when rain halted play. It was declared a draw.                                                                                                      

VCV awarded medallions to all VCV winning players at the VCV Annual Dinner held on 17 April. At a VCA Board Meeting held in February 2018, Kerry Emery (Qld) was appointed President and Greg Johnson Vice President. VCV appointed its Selectors for 2018: Over 60s – Les Quarrell (Chair), Rex Bennett, Bob Phillips, Ian Gibson (Gipps). Over 70s – Ian Hammet (Chair), Dick Stumbles, Ian Sharp, Joel McGlynn. The Selection Committees for 2018, under the guidance of Bill Dobson (overall Chair) would develop a more transparent way of selecting teams, apart from using My Cricket, they would produce a pro-forma for players to highlight their cricketing career, current form, etc.

Interstate games were scheduled for both 60s and 70s against SA in Geelong on 19 February 2018. Victoria won both games. Tasmanian matches were played in Launceston on 27 February with Vic O/60s winning and our O/70s team losing their games.

Victoria hosted England O/70s in an ODI Test match against Australia O/70s down at Geelong CC on 08 March 2018. Australia won the match going 2 up in the series of 5 ODIs. In the winning team were our Victorians – Arthur Pritchard (Capt), Ron Kasputtis, Tim Spear, Ron Lovel, Greg Johnson and wicket keeper, Wavell McPherson. Apart from good Captaincy, our two strike bowlers, both Rons’ did the damage.

The Geelong CC and more importantly our VCV members deserve all the plaudits – Lindsay Fisher (Match Manager), Ian Pritchard and many others of the Geelong Seniors contributed to make it a hugely successful day. Added to this, Ian Redpath tossed the coin and attended the after-match dinner at the clubrooms. The ground at Kardinia Park was in fabulous condition and the curators deserve a medal for the wicket and surrounds. It was lauded by both teams.

Greg Johnson spoke of another Planning Conference being held sometime during the off-season, on similar lines to our previous one. Possibly holding it sometime in July. A show of hands agreed for the Conference to go ahead with planning. Bill Dobson reported the Echuca Carnival was held from 18 to 23 March. 17 teams played in the Carnival. Greg Johnson thanked our Committee of Bill Dobson, Bill Johnson and Neville Crane for the huge amount of work and time involved in putting the Carnival together. Ian Hammet (Vice President Marketing) announced the new VCV website was now up and running and will prove to be where everyone should go to find out news items, fixtures, cricket results, etc. for Over 50s, 60s and 70s cricketers.

Joel McGlynn organised the 2nd VCV Sri Lanka Cricket Tour, 30 March to 15 April 2018. James Barrett escorted the group (his third visit). 29 tourists travelled as a group. They played 5 matches on beautiful grounds and thoroughly enjoyed some wonderful scenery , hotels and wonderful people.

New Players                                                                                                      

Over 50s cricketers were welcomed into the VCV family. They have just completed their first season under the VCV banner and Peter White, Vice President O/50s published his end-of-season newsletter advising the grand final winners of the Saxon Shield:

“The inaugural Saxon Shield Grand Final pitted Koonung Heights against East Ringwood and what a Grand Final it was with the final winner only being revealed on the last ball of the penultimate over that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Koonung won the toss and sent the Roos in and East Ringwood chose the right time to put in their best batting performance of the season by far. Despite the loss of an early scalp, Andrew Coster (36), Randal McDonnell (42), John Murphy (40), Peter Wright (40) and Julian Costa combined to make life miserable for the Koonung bowlers and field. Michael Whitehead again led the Nungers attack with 2 wickets but the final scoreline of 5/220 was a big task to confront.

From the outset it was evident that Koonung felt they were right in the game and despite fine bowling from John Murphy and Glenn Ellis, Michael Crooks (43), Mark Osbourne (41) and Glen Brockwell (42) continued to build the score and bring the Nungers closer to the target. The loss of Michael Whitehead for 30 threw doubt back into the tail needing a run a ball over the last 4 overs. On the final ball of the second last over the pressure proved too much and a suicide single left the Nungers 7 runs adrift and the Roos took out the first Saxon Shield.

B Grade

The B Grade Grand Final saw a battle between the season’s two top teams, Monash and the Super Kings separated only by 0.4% at the top of the ladder.

Super Kings won the toss and sent Monash in at Tally Ho Reserve. Michael de la Harpe was right on the spot for the Kings and it was up to Bandula Attanayake (38) and David Hamilton (24) to steady the ship. At 6/107 Monash were in trouble before a late rescue from Lachlan Boles, an excellent 41 and Mark Wilkinson (24) brought the score respectability to 7/186, a defendable target for the bowlers.

Early wickets had the Super Kings reeling at 3/11 and with the ever reliable Steve Carusi back in the sheds at 4/49, the game was slipping Monash’s way. A saviour was needed and two stepped into the breach with unbeaten 40s, Steve Brasher and Rajidt Ramanan. This inspired Ramaesh Nadarajah (28) and Dinesh Chelvathurai and they steadied the ship bringing Box Hill Nth Super Kings the flag with just 5 wickets lost.

A great team effort for the Super Kings and an excellent first up effort by Monash following their promotion from the Over 40 ranks. They will be a team to be reckoned with next season.

C Grade

Unbeaten Deakin came into this Grand Final as hot favourites despite the fact that this was the Zebras 3rd straight Grand Final appearance.

Played at Benettswood Reserve in front of their new clubrooms, Deakin were quickly on the front foot by sending Forest Hill in to bat. Trevor Tippett (16) and Darren Merrett (24) got the Zebras off to a solid start and this was well backed by Geoff Mace (36) and Graham Dolphin (21) who kept the runs coming against some penetrating bowling from Maliq Deane and Leroy De Alwis. A late cameo from Andy Henkel (24) saw the Zebras close out their innings at 8/145, a target that was always going to be hard containing the strong Deakin batting line-up.

And so it proved as all the Deakin bats got amongst the runs Mano Morel (44), Shyam Sidek (41) and Peter may (34*) taking up the challenge as Deakin made the required target without losing a wicket.

This was an emphatic win, but in retrospect they were too strong a unit for this grade. Deakin is a great cricket side and deserved Premiers and we look forward to seeing how they go in a higher grade next season against some stronger units.

The 1st National Over 50s Championships was held in Orange, NSW at Easter, 2018. Victoria entered 4 teams and Selectors had a tough job as they had 73 applications from a great range of very good cricketers. This had to be reduced to 60 players. Saxon Sports supplied the uniforms for all players.

Victoria Blue won the Division 1 title.

This gave Victoria a clean sweep for 2017/18 in Division 1 by winning the Over 50s, 60s and 70s National titles, plus winning Division 2 in Over 70s and Division 2, 3 and 4 in Over 60s.


Although we cannot thank everyone who has made an important contribution to the success of VOSCA/VCV so far, it is important to list the Life Members who have certainly gone above and beyond. They are:

John Hammer                        2006   

Alan Duffus                            2007

Jim Murphy                            2009

Max Grimmer                         2009

Ian Wood                               2009

Rex Thompson                       2010

Ron Luckman                         2010

Russell Dalton                        2010

Joel McGlynn                         2011

Laurie Hindle                         2011

Lindsay McGrath                   2011

Graham Cuddon                    2012

Rosie McLeod                        2012

Ged Edwards                          2013

Jon Martindale                       2013

John Moore                            2014

Ian Sharp                                2014

Stephen Hando                      2014

Rob Wilson                            2015

Ian Leach                                2017

My cricketing perspective                                                                              

You know, everyone reminisces about their past cricket history. Unfortunately, I can’t boast of too many successes. I started playing with Brunswick Presbyterian CC in 1954 playing in the Under 18s. I was fortunate to win both the batting and bowling trophy in 1956/57 with them. I then thought I’d try my luck at Northcote, after moving with the family to Preston. I played my first season there in 1957/58 where I won the batting (28.8 average with the 4ths. The next season I was promoted to the 3rds and was 30* in my first game when a great hook shot came off the bat into my jaw (broken clean in half) ended my season. I decided to go water skiing with friends and from then on never went back to cricket until 47 years later, when I played my next game for Yarra South in O/60s cricket in 2005 at the age of 67. From 2005, I played consistently until I retired (the first time) in November 2014 for a knee replacement, so missed the 2014/15 season, however returned for two more seasons, retiring again at the end of the 2016/17 season. I certainly played more games of cricket in my veteran years than I did in my junior years and I have to say, enjoyed them more. When I retired from full time work in 2001(after 3 months) I thought what am I going to do with myself for another 20/30 years (hopefully). I still dabbled in our travel business, but my heart really wasn’t in it. Fortunately, I read an article in the local newspaper that John Hammer had initiated and I thought this sounds better than bowls, or a “Men’s Shed”, so the rest is history. Apart from playing cricket, I was Secretary of Bayside O/60s for 6 years until I took over from Rex Thompson as Secretary of VOSCA/VCV in 2013. Add to this, organising local Carnivals and Interstate Championships, plus arranging overseas VOSCA cricket tours to England, Europe, Sri Lanka and New Zealand (the world’s first O/60s overseas tour) almost every year from 2006 to 2018. I’ve also organised three of England’s Over 60s/70s tours to Australia. As one of my family recently said, I’ve been working more hours during my so-called retirement than I did when I was full time in the travel agency. It would also be remiss not to mention Derek Braidner and his Exotic Tour’s programs. He has developed a wonderful market for our VCV cricketers and partners, promoting and escorting tours to the UK and Iceland, the USA/Mexico/Cuba /West Indies /Canada, South Africa, Honolulu, Samoa, China/Hong Kong /Japan and I’m sure Derek will continue to produce some wonderful tours to these exotic destinations for cricket lovers and partners.

The reason I’ve stayed involved in Veterans cricket is really for the camaraderie of the people involved. Although we are from all walks of life, we all hold the one passion that brings us together, the love of cricket in any form, and for all of us to still be able to play the game we love is a remarkable thing and for me personally, the friendships I have made not only in VOSCA/VCV, but around Australia and in the UK, is irreplaceable. As you read this history of VOSCA/VCV I personally thank you for not only giving me the enjoyment of being involved in something I truly love, but also for your friendship. We have all contributed to the growth and success of veteran’s cricket and I believe we have all planted a small seed to continue this growth well after we have all left the crease for the last time!


I would personally like to thank John Hammer, Alan Duffus and Russell Dalton for providing so much material such as photos, minutes of meetings, and scoresheets, plus Ian Wilson for his proof-reading prowess. Their generous contributions assisted me in being able to compile the history of VOSCA/VCV. It has been a labour-of-love for me in taking on this task and although you may not have realised it, you have all contributed to this history by being part of the veterans cricket family. Whether you have been with us from the beginning or have just reached the age to be proudly called a veteran. Let’s work together to continue to grow our fabulous sport!

A saying nicely worded by someone in VOSCA a long time ago, can surely still apply today.

“A casual spectator can become a veteran player when you walk over and make them feel welcome”.

We should always be on the lookout to welcome people into our family!

Joel McGlynn