VCV President Reports


Dear VCV players and members

The 2020-21 cricket season is finally underway, albeit under new rules and Covid related restrictions. Regional teams have been able to have some practice matches but the official fixture for Over 60s will commence on 15 November and the Over 50s on 22 November. It is anticipated the two Over 60s mid-week comps (South-East and North-West) will also commence in November.

All clubs must now have a Covid-19 Safe plan in place in order to participate in matches. Please find attached a one page guide ‘OK to Play!’ prepared by Cricket Victoria. Note these are the current playing conditions and may change as government restrictions alter. These can be viewed on the CV website and club Covid safety officers are asked to monitor these for changes on a regular basis.

As at the time of writing there has not been a definitive instruction regarding car-pooling. In the CV Q&A section, it states ‘Where possible, carrying passengers in your car should be avoided, unless they are members of your household or part of your bubble’.

So while I recognise there will have to be some adjustments to normal arrangements, at least we can get on the field again and play this wonderful game.


The AGM was held via Zoom on 14 October with 78 attendees. A number of changes to the membership of the Executive Committee were required following the retirements of Carol Robinson (Secretary), Neville Crane (Treasurer) Ian Hammet (Vice-President) and Joel McGlynn (who’s done just about everything). In addition our long serving Registrar/My Cricket/Umpire Coordinator, Ian Leach and our Auditor and inaugural Treasurer, Alan Duffus both stepped down which has added to the recruitment of new personnel in key roles. On behalf of all in VCV, our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the excellent service these people have given the Association.

The awarding of well-deserved Life membership to Ian Hammet and Bill Dobson was a highlight of the AGM.

The Executive Committee for 2020/21 is as follows;

President: Greg Johnson

Secretary: Gary Adams

Treasurer: Michael Van Zuyden

Chair Women’s Vets: Gail Schmidt

Chair Over 50s: Michael Whitehead

Chair Over 60s: Gary Semple

Chair Over 70s: Bryan Hancock

Michael Whitehead and Gary Semple will act as Vice-Presidents.

Affiliation fees have been reduced by $100 to assist with Covid related costs and will be $200 for teams playing 10 games or less and $300 for teams playing 11 games or more.

The Executive is in the process of filling all the sub-committees and support positions for VCV. Most have been completed and are listed on the attachment ‘VCV Sub.doc’.

My annual report for 2019/20 as presented at the AGM is also attached for your information.


A meeting was held with Cricket Victoria to review our relationship and consider where advances could be made. I attended together with Ian Hammet and Michael Whitehead while CV Director, Phil Hyde also participated. VCV affiliates with CV through the respective metropolitan and country bodies, VMCU and VCCL, but with points of difference from other associations with teams spread throughout Victoria (54 metro and 24 country), our participation in National Championships and eligibility of players to be selected in recognised Australian teams. 

Cricket Victoria approved the use on clothing by VCV teams competing in National Championships as formal recognition of VCVs standing in the Victorian cricketing community


This meeting followed the AGM and the main issues were; approval of Rule changes primarily to match those of National Championships; welcoming Ballarat to the competition; Echuca planning; distribution arrangements for balls and scorebooks; possible City v Country matches in all age groups; Interstate annual matches on hold.

Since the meeting, a second team from Endeavour Hills has been accepted into the Over 60s competition and Hobsons Bay has advised a change of name to Barkly St Maribyrnong. These changes are being incorporated into the fixture which is now in My Cricket and on the website.


Following last year’s awarding of VCA Life membership to John Hammer and Hall of Fame membership to Arthur Pritchard, I’m delighted to announce we have a second Hall of Fame recipient in 2020. Ron Kasputtis from Endeavour Hills has been recognised for his sustained and excellent bowling performance for Australian Over 60s and Over 70s teams over the past 10 years, his exemplary sportsmanship and for being a great team man and ambassador. Congratulations Ron.


As we have been unable to fill this proposed position on the VCV Executive committee, the roles and responsibilities have been shared between existing committee members. In particular, Gail Schmidt has agreed to assume responsibility from Ian Hammet for our stand alone website, and overseeing communications and media in general.

Best wishes to all for a successful and enjoyable season.

Greg Johnson



Dear VCV members

We are underway into season 2019/20 and already there are a number of events and achievements worth reporting.


In November, three national championships were held; Over 50s in Perth, Over 60s in Adelaide and Over 70s in Albury/Wodonga, which Victoria hosted.  My thanks to all the captains and team managers of the 20 teams Victoria entered and I am pleased to report, Victoria won six of the ten titles on offer.

Over 50s

An excellent result for Victoria with our first team winning Division 1 and our fourth team winning Division 3. Congratulations to respective captains, David Roach and Andrew Wheeler and to all members of these two successful teams.

Good performances in Div. 1 by Andrew Bethune (highest aggregate) and David Roach and Lachlan Stonehouse averaging over 100. Nick Bole-Brown highest wicket taker with 9 dismissals.

Over 60s

Our first team was unable to make it a four-peat of titles but terrific efforts by Vic. 2 in taking out Second Division and Vic. 6 who just beat Vic. 7 to win Division 4. Team 5 was narrowly beaten by New Zealand in Division 3. Again, congratulations to captains, Phil O’Meara (Vic 2) and Bob Phillips (Vic 6) for leading their sides to the title.

Good performances in Div. 1 by Trevor Saker and David Cordy with equal highest wickets taken.

Over 70s

A narrow defeat for Vic.1 in the final to Queensland but success for Vic. 3 in winning Division 2 for the third year in succession and to Vic. 6 for winning Division 3.

Captains Lindsay Fisher and Derek Braidner proudly accepted their awards with all team members being presented with medallions on stage at the Commercial Club, Albury.

Best performances in Div. 1 by James Barrett with highest aggregate and Ron Kasputtis, equal highest wicket taker.

Victoria has received very gratifying feedback on the way these championships were conducted, both for playing facilities and for the functions and meetings held. I’d like to recognise the contribution of committee members Joel McGlynn, Ian Hammet, Carol Robinson, Neville Crane, Ian leach and Bruce Pooley who worked diligently over the past 12 months preparing for the championships. Cricket Albury/Wodonga partnered us in managing the event and my thanks to their organisation also.


Following the 50s and 70s Championships, national teams were selected for the forthcoming Over 50s World Cup in South Africa and the Over 70s tour to New Zealand.

Great to see a number of Victorians gaining the ‘baggy green’ and congratulations to Andrew Bethune, Bill Blair, Richard Saniga, Alex Jesensek and Nick Bole-Brown in the 50s team and to Ian Gibson (vice-captain and manager), Jim Geltch, Ron Kasputtis and Ian Rowland for their selection in the 70s side.


England Over 60s arrived as the Championships were being conducted in Adelaide and have almost concluded their tour. A match was played against England in Launceston with a combined Victoria/Tasmania team losing a close match. Victorians who competed in this game were Chris Carr, David Cordy, Peter Dudderidge, Peter Robertson, Phil Hickleton and man of the match, Graeme Wilson.

Two Victorians, Rex Bennett and Dale Thornton made the Australian team to play England in the Grey Ashes series. In addition, Ray Smith and Paul McDonald were in the squad.

The series has just concluded and after being one all, the decider in Brisbane on 8 December was won by England.

Finally my appreciation to the Victorian representatives on the 3 national selection panels, Steve Flemming, Neil King and Bill Dobson for their efforts.


The first Victorian Women’s Veterans team received their Victorian caps at the Over 50s cap presentation at Saxon Sports and played against 3 NSW teams in a ‘round robin’ in mid-November. Managed by Gail Schmidt and captained by…………………., they played well but lost some close games. The Victorian Women’s Over 40’s have affiliated with VCV and we look forward to their opportunities for matches increasing next year.


Our annual interstate matches against South Australia and Tasmania will again be held next February for the three men’s age groups (50s, 60s, and 70s) and we are working on including women’s matches as well.

Dates and locations for these games are v. South Australia at Mount Gambier on February 11 and against Tasmania in Launceston on February 25.


Selectors are appointed on a calendar year basis. Members interested in applying to be a selector should email Peter White (50s), Gary Semple (60s) and Ian Hammet (70s) by 20 December. 


Following our previous effort of the Warwick Armstrong re-enactment at Walhalla, Neil Kearney from Channel 7 asked if we could come up with a concept for another program on veteran cricketers. He liked the idea of a show based on players who have returned to the game following life threatening illness and made the show with Ron Luckman, Graham Cuddon, Peter Flack, Bruce Hotton and Ray Matters in starring roles. The program was shown before the first Test against Pakistan and throughout the summer. One Last Innings about a bunch old blokes who refuse to hang up the boots is featured on the Veterans Cricket Victoria Facebook page and inspirational viewing.


Clubs are currently being invoiced for their affiliation fees for 2019/20. Fees have been reduced by $100 per team and clubs have been asked to put this rebate toward the purchase of two helmets  for their players to use on match days or to borrow if required, for representative matches.

TOURS 2020

Australian teams are due to tour South Africa (World Cup 50s) New Zealand (70s) and England (70s) next year.

Following VCV’s most enjoyable trip to the UK this year, social tours to Greece and Turkey and separately to Malaysia are planned for 2020. Members interested in these tours should contact Derek Braidner for more information.


On behalf of the Executive Committee, best wishes to all VCV members and your family for a happy, healthy Christmas and for continuing to enjoy the game we love throughout 2020.

Kind regards

Greg Johnson


Welcome to the 2019/20 season. I trust you have a great season and find the information provided below of interest. This year, we have a record number of teams (70) competing in our domestic competitions and Victoria having around 40% of the total number of veterans playing in Australia.


Our national body, Veterans Cricket Australia has introduced the compulsory wearing of helmets for the 3 age level National Championships for batsmen (except against slow bowling as deemed by the umpire), wicket keepers up to the stumps and fieldsmen within 7 metres of the batsman except between gully and leg gully.

This same rule put to delegates from VCV’s 70 member clubs was soundly defeated and as such will not be implemented for VCV club matches this season.

In accordance with VCA policy, the VCV Executive strongly recommends helmets be worn as per the above conditions. In support of this, VCV has reduced the annual affiliation fee per team. Clubs are asked to put this rebate toward the purchase of two helmets for their players to use. It is hoped players without helmets will trial them and if selected for the National Championships, be able to borrow a club helmet.

Players wishing to purchase a helmet are encouraged to utilise our sponsor, Buffalo Sports 314-320 Albert St, Brunswick.


Victoria is entering 6 teams in the Over 50s in Perth, 7 teams in the Over 60s in Adelaide and 7 teams in the Over 70s Championships in Albury/Wodonga.

Congratulations to the following captains of Victorian teams:

Over 50s; Div. 1: David Roach, Div. 2: Andrew Wyver, John Blennerhasset Div. 3: Neil Dalrymple, Geoff Yeo, Dwayne Rabel

Over 60s; Div. 1: Trevor Saker, Div. 2: Phil O’Meara, Trevor Selby, Div. 3, Noel Sharpe, Greg Lott, Div. 4: Bob Phillips, Peter Cassell.

Captains of Victorian Over 70s teams to be announced. Best wishes to all teams and players for a successful and enjoyable Championship.


The inaugural veteran’s championship for women (Over 40) will be held in Bowral NSW in November. Victoria will field two teams which hopefully is the start of regular championships and a local competition for women cricketers.


The annual matches against South Australia and Tasmania will again be held this season for each of the three age groups. The matches against South Australia will be held in Mt Gambier on February 11 and the Tasmanian games will be in Launceston on 25 February.


Fixtures have been finalised for the season and many thanks to Peter White (who was working on these while hospitalised) and Ian Hammet and David Cordy for completing this difficult and time consuming task.


The AGM was held on 22 July and your elected Executive for this season is:

President: Greg Johnson

Vice President Administration: Ian Hammet

Vice President 50s: Michael Whitehead

Vice President Operations (60s): Gary Semple

Treasurer: Neville Crane

Assistant treasurer/50s Admin: Michael Van Zuyden

Secretary: Carol Robinson

Tour & Championships: Joel McGlynn

The Executive is ably supported by many members who volunteer to be part of the various sub-committees.


Victoria fielded 11 of the 20 teams competing at the Willowfest Veterans tournament in September.

Our No. 1 teams won their respective 50s, 60s and 70s Divisions at Willowfest. Players (and selectors) appreciated  the opportunity to play 4 games on turf wickets early in the season in the lead up to the Championships.


England Over 60s are touring Australia in November. While no games are scheduled in Victoria, a combined Vic/Tas team will play England in Launceston on 15 November.

The ODI’s will be played at Bowral on 22 Nov at Lake Macquarie on 28 Nov and in Brisbane on 8 December. The final squad of 20 has just been named and congratulations to the 4 Victorians named,  Rex Bennett, Ray Smith, Dale Thornton and Paul McDonald.

Thanks also to our Victorian Australian selector, Neil King who has worked diligently and tirelessly over many weeks to finalise the squad.


VCA has introduced the following Code of Behaviour for the national championships which will apply to all VCV club matches. The Code will be included in the handbook for the national championships and umpires will be issued with a Report Form for breaches

 Play by the rules;

 Never argue with an umpire. If you disagree, have your captain, coach or manager approach the umpire in an appropriate manner during a break or after the game;

 Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials and sledging other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviours in cricket;

 Work equally hard for yourself and your teammates. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will you;

 Be a good sport. Applaud all good plays whether they are made by your team or the opposition;

 Treat all participants in cricket as you like to be treated. Do not bully or take unfair advantage of another competitor;

 Cooperate with your coach, teammates and opponents. Without them there would be no competition;

 Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit

 Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

Greg Johnson


MAY 2019

Dear VCV Members

With the completion of the Over 50s Finals and the Over 60s Echuca Carnival, the 2018/19 season drew to a close with our Annual Dinner on 5 April. The season saw a record 60 teams competing (36 in Over 50s and 24 in Over 60s) with 1360 members donning the whites. Our Victorian members represent 40% of Australia’s veteran cricketers.

Highlights over the past 12 months have been:

National Championships

Congratulations to our Over 60s Division 1 team in completing a hat trick of Championship wins and retaining the John Hammer Cup and our Over 70s No.3 team who went back to back in winning the Bob ‘Dutchy’ Holland Shield in Division 2.

VCV entered 15 teams in the three Championships and whilst not matching the titles won the previous year, all teams were competitive in their Divisions representing Victoria with distinction.

Australian Representation

VCV players to represent Australia in 2018/19 were;

Over 50s….Bill Blair, Darren Hill and Craig Gislingham. Australia won the World Cup and defeated England in the ‘Platinum’ Ashes 3-0. Special mention also for the work done by Michael Van Zuyden as Team manager and Ross McIlveen as Team Physio.

Over 60s….Rex Bennett, Kevin Lanigan, Paul McDonald and Ray Smith were selected in the recently completed series in New Zealand. And congratulations to Rex Bennett, Chris Carr, Paul McDonald, Ray Smith and Dale Thornton who have been selected to tour the UK in June and hopefully win back the ‘Grey’ Ashes.

Over 70s…John Costello, Robin Court, Ian Gibson (ACS), Ian Gibson (Gippsland), Ron Kasputtis, Wavell McPherson, Bruce Pooley, Tim Spear and Lindsay Fisher (Team Mgr.) toured the UK narrowly losing the ‘Silver’ Ashes previously won by Arthur Pritchard’s Australian team in March 2018.

Interstate Matches

Good to see VCV Over 50s teams join the 60s and 70s in the annual matches against South Australia and Tasmania. The 50s lost to SA but beat Tassie, the 60s tied against SA and won against Tasmania while the 70s won both games. Thanks to Geelong club for hosting the matches against Tasmania.

Over 50s

Congratulations to Saxon Shield winners, Wonga Park who defeated last year’s premiers, East Ringwood by 7 runs in an exciting Grand Final. Grades B, C and D were won by Coburg, Geelong and West Ivanhoe respectively. Thanks again to Peter White for coordinating the Over 50s competition.

Over 60s and 70s.

There were plenty of opportunities for our members in these age groups to compete in social and competitive games throughout the season. The regular 16 week Sunday season was bolstered with mid-week games in summer and winter and the involvement of so many in organising these matches is much appreciated. Trial games were held before the two Championships where a total of 12 Victorian teams competed.

Echuca Carnival

Another wonderful carnival which was well organised by the joint Goulburn Murray Cricket and VCV committee. Thanks to Bill Dobson, Bill Johnson, Neville Crane and Carol Robinson for their contribution to the committee in arranging matches and functions. ACT defeated the premier Victorian team, Geelong in the final while Sunbury and the Placebos won the other two divisions.


In November, 18 VCV cricketers starred in the re-enactment of a game at Walhalla against the Melbourne Cricket Club in 1907. The film shown during the Channel 7s Boxing Day Test coverage was a good promotion for Veterans cricket. In January, two VCV Over 60s teams played a game at Walhalla. When the ground and pitch was destroyed by fire in February, VCV supported a fund raiser organised by our Leongatha and clubs to repair the Walhalla ground.

Marketing and Promotion

Peter Henrys completed a Veterans Cricket promotional video for State bodies to use as a marketing and recruitment tool. Peter has also prepared a new sponsorship proposal for distribution to prospective sponsors. Canterbury player, Francis Bourke, has personally been promoting Veterans cricket with appearances on SEN radio and featuring in newspaper articles.


The second VCV Planning conference was held earlier in the year at the new CV headquarters at the Junction Oval. The 22 participants worked diligently over two days in order to review the previous plan and to formulate our direction and planning for the next few years.


VCV tours to China and Japan and to South America were much enjoyed by our members, as well as the Mackay winter carnival. A large group of 53 are looking forward to the tour to the UK in August.


Thank you again to our sponsors, East Malvern Bendigo Bank, Buffalo Sports, Saxon Sports and Helloworld Belgrave for their ongoing contribution and support. We much appreciate these sponsorships and encourage our members to support these organisations.

Annual Dinner

Feedback suggested the changes to the Annual Dinner (new venue Veneto Club on a Friday night, quality of meals, ample free parking and terrific Guest speaker, Shaun Graf) all worked well but perhaps a bit too soon after Echuca Carnival and clashed with end of season functions of some associations and clubs. An early May date will be considered for the Dinner next year.


The VCV Executive Committee met on seven occasions during the year to ensure VCV continues to operate efficiently and meet member expectations. In addition, the Over 50s committee and Over 60s delegates meetings were held regularly. Neville Crane and I also attended VCA Board meetings and I represented VCV at VMCU meetings.

My warm appreciation to the members of the VCV committee (Carol Robinson, Bill Dobson, Ian Hammet, Neville Crane, Peter White, Peter Henrys, Joel McGlynn, Michael Whitehead and Michael Van Zuyden )who worked diligently and harmoniously together, who each made significant personal contributions and for their support to me.

Our Support(ers)

Also a very big thank you to all those who do so much work behind the scenes to make our association and the games of cricket so enjoyable. Non players and partners who assist with scoring, umpiring, afternoon teas, post-match refreshments and many other unsung tasks are so integral to our games and the overall fabric of VCV. On behalf of the players, thank you to all those who offer their services.

Life Membership

Congratulations to Peter White who has been awarded Life membership of VCV for his outstanding contribution in amalgamating the Over 50s into VCV and for the ongoing growth in teams and membership which he has driven.

Looking Ahead.

Here is a snap shot of some of the major future happenings;

Championships in 2019.

  1. Over 50s Championships to be held in Perth November 16-21. VCV nominating 5 teams. Inaugural Women’s Over 40s Championships to be held in Perth in conjunction with Over 50s Men’s Champs. Victoria hoping to send two teams.

2. Over 60s in Adelaide November 2-7. VCV intends nominating 7 teams. Over 70s in Albury/Wodonga November 19-25. VCV intends nominating 6 teams.

3. Championships Program for 2020. Over 50s, ACT. Over 60s, Queensland. Over 70s, Tasmania. World Cups 2020. Over 50s, South Africa. Over 60s, Queensland.

4. Helmets. CA is strongly recommending all associations make wearing of helmets mandatory for batsmen, keepers and close in fielders. VCA position (and therefore VCV position) regarding implementation and rule changes not yet finalised.

5. Insurance. Possible changes re individual cover and increases in fees for Championships.

6. Tours. Over 60s, England here in November 2019 and possibly New Zealand here in Feb/March 2020. Over 50s tours not yet finalised but hoping for ODI’s v. England and v. New Zealand. Over 70s planning for England tour in July/August.

7. Social tours 2020. The ‘Pacific Veterans Championships’ will be held in Samoa with 14 teams participating over 8 days. A 9 game tour of the Caribbean (West Indies) and USA is well into the planning stage. Expressions of interest in these tours will be sought in next couple of months.

  1. Carnivals. New carnival in Mildura (conducted by Winterfest) for all age groups to be held in last week of September 2019. Queensland Winter carnival likely to continue in 2020. Two VCV teams to MacKay carnival this July. 

9. AGM. A reminder the VCV AGM will be held on 22 July. Formal advice will be issued early July. So overall, 2018/19 was another busy, successful and enjoyable year for Veterans Cricket Victoria and 2019/20 is looking equally positive and interesting.


Dear VCV Members

There has been quite a lot happening over the past couple of months and so timely for a mid-season newsletter.


Congratulations to Victoria’s first 11 who won the John Hammer Division 1 title, making it a hat trick of title wins. Ably led by Trevor Saker, the team comprised Rex Bennett, Chris Carr, David Cordy, Barry Hopper, Kevin Lanigan, Paul McDonald, Peter Robertson, Ray Smith, Ian Southall, Wayne Stokes, and Dale Thornton. Every player made a significant contribution throughout  the tournament but I must mention Ray Smith’s run a ball 50 against Tasmania in what was a ‘semi-final’ and 53 from 43 balls in the final.

See  Trevor Saker’s Report on Vic 1 team Performance


Four members of our victorious Over 60s team have been selected in the Australian side to tour New Zealand in February/March 2019. Congratulations to Rex Bennett, Kevin Lanigan, Paul McDonald and Ray Smith.


A wonderful effort by the Australian Over 50s team to defeat Pakistan in the final of the inaugural Over 50s World Cup. Eight countries competed and Australia finally broke a last wicket partnership of 68 to win by 3 runs. Victorians contributed well with Darren Hill, Bill Blair and Craig Gislingham all performing well over the series. Michael Van Zuyden was Team Manager and Ross McIlveen the Team Physio with both receiving very complimentary reports regarding their contribution. See SBS World Cup Report

Australia also achieved a clean sweep of 3-0 against England in the ‘platinum’ Ashes series, completed after the World Cup.

For further information about our local Over 50s competition with 36 teams in 4 Divisions, please see Peter White’s latest report. Peter White’s O50s mid-season report


Victorian veteran cricketers are the stars of Channel 7s lunchtime entertainment during the Boxing Day Test. Eighteen of veteran cricket’s finest acting talent were cast in a film re-enactment of a game MCC and future Australian skipper Warwick Armstrong played at Walhalla in 1907. The mock-up game organised in collaboration with the Walhalla Heritage and Development League recognised some of the great contributors to veterans cricket in Victoria in recent 12 years.

The Boxing Day promotional film and widely acclaimed Francis Bourke interview on SEN form part of Veterans Cricket Victoria’s ongoing campaign to promote the social and health benefits of Veterans cricket.


South Australia have confirmed Tuesday February 12 for games against our 50s, 60s and 70s Victorian teams. The matches will be played at the Kensington District Cricket Club’s turf ovals. This was Don Bradman’s club and an excellent facility where we will also have dinner.

The three matches against Tasmania will be held in Geelong on Tuesday February 19. Grounds have been sourced and arrangements are being put in place.


Traditionally we appoint Over 60s and 70s selectors for a calendar year. Their first task is the Interstate games, followed by Trial games leading into selections for the 2019 Championships.

VCV members wishing to be considered for a position on either Selection Panel should submit an expression of interest to VCV secretary Carol Robinson by 20 December.


Victoria will host the 2019 Over 70s Championships in Albury/Wodonga from 19-25 November. Rounds 1 and 2 on 20th and 21st, Friday and Saturday are rest days, Round 3 on 24th and finals and final dinner on Monday 25th. The VCV Executive Committee and Wodonga Vets President, Bruce Pooley and VCV Registrar and Umpires Coordinator, Ian Leach will organise the Championships in collaboration with Cricket Albury/Wodonga.


VCV requires all clubs to have a defibrillator available for home games. There has been a very good take up of this but clubs should also ensure they are checking the expiry date for the battery and pads which are to be replaced every two years.


While most clubs are diligent about entering match scores into My Cricket by the day after the game, some take much longer. Clubs are reminded to enter balls faced by batsmen in My Cricket as an important criterion in the selection of Victorian teams. Peter White (50s) and Bill Dobson (60s/70s) will be following up with clubs to see if My Cricket training would be helpful. 


This end of season carnival is now into its 5th year with a record 20 teams entering. First match is on March 17 and players are reminded to book accommodation at this busy time.


An annual planner incorporating tours, meetings, championships, carnivals and other games has been prepared and is attached to this newsletter.


Members should access for all news and updates on Veterans cricket. Members are encouraged to email items of interest to


Our long serving Committeeman and Life Member, Joel McGlynn turns 80 on December 15. Joel has instigated sending online Birthday greetings to our members and to save him sending one to himself, congratulations Joel on achieving this magnificent milestone from all your mates in VCV.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, best wishes to all VCV members and families for a happy, healthy Christmas and good cricketing in 2019.


Dear VCV members

Welcome to season 2018/19 which sees a record 60 teams competing in VCV competitions and a total membership exceeding 1000 members. It’s a far cry from 12 years ago when Veterans Cricket Victoria had just 4 Over 60s and no Over 50s teams (started 2017/18).


The AGM was held on 9 August with the elected Executive for this year being: President, Greg Johnson; Vice-President Over 50s, Michael Whitehead; VP Operations, Bill Dobson; VP Administration, Ian Hammet; Treasurer, Neville Crane; Secretary, Carol Robinson; Marketing Manager, Peter Henrys; Tours and Championships Manager, Joel McGlynn.

There are a range of supporting and sub-committees positions which have now been filled and can be seen on our website Thank you to all those who have agreed to fill these positions and support the Executive for the coming year. 


Fixtures for 2018/19 have been completed for 50s and 60s and much appreciation to Peter White and Ian Hammet respectively for leading and completing this onerous piece of work.

Following the successful Winter matches for the Over 60s, the mid-week competition will again be conducted through the season with 60s and 70s playing on alternate weeks at both Glen Waverley and Endeavour Hills in the Eastern zone and Over 60s games at Geelong for the Western region.


The Over 70s National Championships have concluded and congratulations to Queensland who defeated our Vic 1 team in the Division 1 final. Congratulations to our Vic 3 team for going back to back in winning Division 2. There were many fine individual performances but a special mention to Ron Lovel who opened the bowling for Vic 1 and had Championship figures of 27 overs, 8 maidens, 11 wickets for 35 runs…quite remarkable figures. 

The Over 60s Championships will be held in Penrith NSW from 11 November and selectors have finalised the naming of captains and team managers. The 7 teams will be announced shortly.

The Over 50s Championships have just been held in Brisbane with three Victorian teams competing in the 12 team competition. Unfortunately our Vic 1 team narrowly missed a place in the final and the title won in Orange now passes to Queensland. Another wonderful individual effort was Darren Hill making 159 from 73 balls (14 fours and 11 sixes)…surely a record Veterans Cricket score. 

 Following these Championships, the inaugural Over 50s World Cup will be held in Sydney from 20 November. Steve Flemming is Victoria’s national Selector and we look forward to Victorian Over 50s wearing the ‘baggy green’. Congratulations to Michael Van Zuyden on his appointment the World Cup Australian Team manager.

Interstate Matches

We are organising our annual 60s and 70s Interstate matches against South Australia and Tasmania. We have also agreed to play Over 50s against both States for the first time. We travel to Adelaide on February 12 and the three Tasmanian games will be played in Geelong, probably on February 19 (currently sourcing grounds).


The popular Over 60s Echuca Carnival will again be held, commencing on March 17, 2019.  It appears there will be a record 20 teams nominate. Players and clubs are reminded to book accommodation early as the area is a popular tourist destination around that time.

2019 Championships

 Next year’s championships will be held as follows; Over 50s in Perth, Over 60s in Adelaide and we are hosting the Over 70s in Albury/Wodonga from 9 November.


While through our national body, VCA, we have tried to initiate tours from other countries to and from Australia, these are proving difficult to confirm. At this stage, nothing has been agreed for 50s or 70s but the Australian Over 60s team will play in New Zealand in Feb/March and then tour the UK in June/July.

VCV has also offered social tours to South America in February and to the UK in July/August.


Peter Henrys has been appointed to the VCV Board as Marketing manager and will be supported by John Blennerhassett representing the Over 50s.

Peter has presented his initial plan covering sponsorships, grants and media. In pursuing these, Peter has obtained agreement from the VCV Executive to conduct a survey of all VCV members to gain a better understanding of our membership profile and the sorts of offerings that appeal to members.

The survey will be optional and will be conducted by an independent company and anonymity of responses will be guaranteed. 


Much appreciation again to our sponsors. Members are asked to support our sponsors whenever they can.

Best wishes to all for 2018/19

Greg Johnson


Dear VCV members

By any measure, VCV has enjoyed unprecedented success in season 2017/18.

On field, we won the Division 1 national championships in each of the 3 age groups; Over 50s in Orange, Over 60s in Canberra (back to back wins) and Over 70s in Adelaide. Not only did we collect every Division 1 title, but in the 50s we were runners up in Division 2, in the 60s we won Division 2 and shared Divisions 3 and 4 titles and in the 70s, we won Division 2. Congratulations to the players but a particular thank you to the selectors, the captains and the team managers who each made a major contribution to our success.

So success in 7 out of 8 Division titles on offer and runners up in the other. I wonder whether any State team has achieved such an excellent result in the Australian Championships in any sport. Overall we entered 17 teams in the Championships with over 250 players representing Victoria.

With thanks in particular to Peter White who was primarily responsible for the Over 50s competition coming under the VCV banner, overall there are now around 850 cricketers playing veterans cricket, including seven who are aged 80 or older. To support our more senior players, last November we conducted the World’s Oldest cricket match where the average 75 year olds beat the average 79 year olds by 14 runs.

Other on field highlights included hosting the 70s second ODI between Australia and England at Kardinia Park, Geelong. Australia won the series comfortably and 6 Victorians (including Captain Arthur Pritchard) were in the 13 man squad. Also at Geelong we hosted South Australia in the 60s and 70s Interstate games whilst this year, we visited Tasmania for our annual clash. The organisation of the 3 matches at Geelong was first class and a credit to the Geelong club.

We also saw 5 Victorians plus manager Neil King tour England last July with the Australian Over 60s team and 8 Victorians plus manager Lindsay Fisher have been selected to tour UK with the Australian Over 70s in August. It’s very pleasing to see our State so strongly represented in the national sides.

The Echuca carnival had 17 teams compete (13 from Victoria) and once again was widely regarded as an excellent end of season tournament. In addition, Victorians will compete in the winter carnival in Mackay while tours to Sri Lanka and Hong Kong/China and Japan were offered to members.

Our fixtured Sunday, mid-week and Zone games were again enjoyed by members with weather having little effect on matches. Finals were played in the Over 50s with East Ringwood winning the Saxon Shield and Box Hill Super Kings and Deakin winning B and C Grade respectively.

Players aged 60+ can keep their fitness up by playing in our new Winter mid-week competition. Ten matches have been programmed and so far 55 have registered to play.

Off the field, the AGM and Delegates meetings were well attended and the Executive Committee has met on 7 occasions to ensure the administration and organisation of VCV continues to be efficient and meets member expectations. A new website was launched and Health and Safety promoted. A draft of the history of our first 15 years has been completed and given to Life Members in the first instance for review. The history has now been uploaded onto our new website and can be viewed at

Thank you to our Sponsors. East Malvern Bendigo Bank, Buffalo Sports, Saxon Sports and Helloworld Belgrave. We value our partnership with our sponsors and are most appreciative of their generous support.

Congratulations to our Umpires Coordinator, Registrar and My Cricket Administrator, Ian Leach on being awarded Life membership. Ian was presented with his Life membership at the VCV Annual dinner. The dinner was well attended with 170 guests present and medallions were presented to all attendees who played in a Championship winning team.

Finally my thanks to the Executive Committee members, Joel McGlynn, Ian Hammet, Bill Dobson, Neville Crane, Peter White and Michael Van Zuyden for their support to me, their significant personal contribution to VCV and for working so well together throughout the year.

Kind regards

Greg Johnson



I’m delighted to report on the outstanding performance by Victorian teams at the Over 60s and Over 70s National Championships.

In Adelaide, our Over 70s No.1 team won Division 1 and our No.3 team won Division 2.

In Canberra, our No.1 team defeated our No. 2 team by 2 runs in the Division 1 final. The No.3 team comprehensively defeated New Zealand in Division 2 and our No. 4 and No.7 teams were well ahead in their respective matches in Divisions 3 and 4, only to have to share the titles due to the matches being abandoned due to rain.

So in the Six Divisions, Victoria won Divisions 1 and 2 in 60s and 70s and shared the Over 60s Division 3 and 4 titles……a truly remarkable and historic performance.

Detailed score results can be accessed on My Cricket.

Apart from congratulating all our players for their magnificent performances, I’d like to acknowledge others who contributed to our success. Firstly, the selectors for both Championships. Ian Hammet chaired the Over 70s panel with Joel McGlynn, Dick Stumbles and Ian Sharp. Bill Dobson chaired the Over 60s supported by Rex Bennett, Ian Gibson and Les Quarrell. Well done guys for the time and effort you put into the roles and on getting it right. Second, many thanks to the Team Managers. For the Over 70s…..Joel McGlynn, Peter Flack, Neville Crane, Norm Barnfield and Kevin Brown. The Over 60s Team managers were Kevin Lanigan, Dick Stumbles, Peter Flack, Lindsay Fisher, James Barrett, Steve Pascoe, and Colin Rich with Bill Dobson being the overall Victorian team coordinator.

To our Captains, well done and thank you for accepting this important position and for the diligent way you carried out your duties. The 5 teams in Adelaide were led respectively by Arthur Pritchard, Ian Hammet, Rob Wilson, Derek Braidner and John Moore. In Canberra, the seven skippers were Trevor Saker, Les Quarrell, Ian Gibson, Bob Phillips, Stuart Stockdale, Paul Denton and Peter Cassell.

The Executive Committee will be considering options to more formally recognise our successes.


The Over 50s season is underway with the 21 teams in 3 Grades having completed the first 4 rounds. Unfortunately, inclement weather prevented the planned exhibition match against a Geelong Over 50s side but Peter White and John Williams are re-scheduling this match for early in the new year.

Planning is underway for the Over 50s National Championships to be held in Orange NSW next Easter (commencing 30 March). Victoria has nominated 4 teams which is a challenge to find sufficient players for this inaugural VCV Championship. Accommodation has been arranged so if anyone reading this is interested in playing or knows someone who may be, please contact Peter White, VCV Vice-President 50s, at

The annual Veterans Cricket carnival comprising Over 40s, 50s and 60s teams from Box Hill Reporter, Ringwood and District, Ferntree Gully and North West Metro Cricket associations will be held on December 10.


England Over 70s will tour Australia in March next year and play 5 ODI/test matches. The second ODI will be played in Geelong on March 8 and is the only game scheduled for Victoria. The tour commences in WA, to South Aust. for two matches and an ODI and then to Queensland for the remaining matches. It is possible some Victorians will get an opportunity to play in the two local South Australian games and I am confident a number of Victorians will be selected in the ODI/Tests.


Dates for the annual interstate games against Tasmania and South Australia have been finalised. We will play Over 60 and Over 70 matches against South Australia in Geelong on February 19 and against Tasmania in Launceston on February 27. It is the intention of the selectors to give as many players as possible an opportunity to play in these games and nominations will be sought shortly.


Victorian veteran cricketers (average ages 79 & 75 years) defied father time to do battle in the world’s oldest cricket match to be submitted for official ratification by the Guinness Book of Records. With skippers by Rex Thompson and Ian Wilson and umpires and scorers all over the age of 70, the game was filmed by Channel 9 and included 6 players from the world’s first O60s game of cricket in Brighton in 2003.


Dates confirmed for Echuca Carnival. The first round of games will be held on Sunday 18 March. Team nominations have been requested over next few weeks. Bill Dobson, Bill Johnson and Neville Crane are the VCV committee for Echuca.


Veterans Cricket Victoria supported the PIZZA WITH PARKO Prostate Awareness Night at Colombos Restaurant in November. Hosted by the Eastern Cricket Association with a panel of David Parkin, Peter Bedford and Don Scott, the speakers highlighted the risk of prostate cancer for mature aged men and stressed the importance of diet, exercise and regular check-ups.


I am pleased to announce Life Membership of VCV was awarded to Ian Leach at the August AGM. Ian has served VCV (VOSCA) over many years as Registrar, Umpires Coordinator and My Cricket Administrator.


The new Veterans Cricket Victoria website is nearing completion. Going forward, the website will be the first port of call for the latest news and information on Victorian veterans cricket.


VCV Committees, Sub-Committees and individual appointments for 2017-18 were decided following the August meetings and were announced to all members by email on 15 September. The Selection Committees for 60s and 70s are appointed in December each year which provides selectors the opportunity to have almost a year’s experience before selecting the Championships teams. Nominations for the two Selection Panels will be issued by the Secretary shortly.


Prior to the Canberra Championships, the VCA AGM and General Meeting were held. Ian Fraser stepped down as President after two hard working and successful years at the helm and Kerry Emery (Qld.) was appointed President. Other Board positions are Vice-President, Greg Johnson; Governance and Policy, Ian Fraser; Marketing, Greg Stevens (WA); Over 70s, Chris Tobin (SA); Over 60s, David Head (NSW); Over 50s, Kerry Emery.

Separately a meeting was held with Cricket Australia officials to consider how the two organisations may work together following the execution of the joint Memorandum of Understanding.

Whilst it may be a tad early, on behalf of the VCV Executive Committee, I’d like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and look forward to catching up throughout the remainder of the season.


England Over 60’s Tour

England Over 60’s have left our shores after a most successful tour. VOSCA hosted 6 games including the Battle For the Grey Ashes ODI The Poms won every game on tour other than a magnificent win at Geelong by a VCV team led by Ian Pritchard and comprising players from Geelong, Hamilton, ACS and Mornington clubs. And another combined VCV country team could have/should have beaten them in Bendigo.

On the administrative side, I couldn’t have been prouder of our management of the six games in Victoria. I received extremely complimentary feedback from the England manager and leadership group regarding our hospitality and arranging of the grounds and games and other related functions such as lunches, dinners, scoring, brochure and photography. Suffice to say a fair number of VCV identities contributed an enormous amount of their time and effort to make this such a successful leg of the England tour. Thank you one and all.


The Executive agreed at our last meeting that the annual appointment of selectors should cover a calendar year. The culmination of the selectors’ year is the selection of the Victorian sides for the National Championships and as such, the current practice of appointing selectors a month or two before the Championships does not enable them sufficient time to assess players. Accordingly nominations for the three Over 60 and the three Over 70 selectors are now being sought with the objective of announcing the new panels by the January 23 Delegates meeting.

Vice-President Operations, Bill Dobson will chair the Over 60 panel and Vice-President Marketing, Ian Hammet, the Over 70 panel.

Secretary Joel McGlynn will formally seek nominations (three persons on each panel) in the next few days.


Our annual Over 60 and Over 70 matches against South Australia and Tasmania will be held next February. The games against South Australia will be played in Mount Gambier on Wednesday 15 February. The Tasmanian matches are in Melbourne on Tuesday 21 February.

The Victorian teams will be the first task for the new selection panels.


It has been unfortunate the Samoan tour had to be cancelled through lack of numbers and the Sri Lanka tour…………….

On the other hand, interest levels for South Africa in March and England (July or August) are excellent and both tours are proceeding. The Tours Committee will be surveying VCV members in the New Year to ensure our tour offerings are meeting member’s interests and expectations.


The popular end of season Echuca Carnival is commencing on March 19. The VCV committee responsible for Echuca is currently finalising arrangements with Goulbourn Murray Cricket and it is expected all relevant information will be issued to competing clubs early in January.


The first round of Zone games will be held on January 8, with matches likely to be on turf at Casey/Narre Warren and the Merv Hughes Oval in Footscray. Zone selectors are finalising their teams and players selected will be advised shortly.


A number of members have expressed their concerns over the inordinate number of games where a side has forfeited this season. There appears to be a number of contributing factors including the wet start to the season, injuries arising from the Perth Championships, players being selected for the games against England being unavailable and some members not being prepared to travel to away games. I am hopeful this is an aberration and with good weather and not too many other disruptions, the season will settle down now and all games in a round completed.


Best wishes to all in the VCV fraternity and your family for an enjoyable Christmas and look forward to catching up with you in 2017.

Greg Johnson


By virtually all measures, season 2015/16 can be viewed as a successful year for VOSCA. On the field, Victorian teams performed well at the Hobart Championships and in the annual interstate matches against Tasmania and South Australia. The Sunday and midweek competitions were nearly always played in good weather and always in good spirits and the Echuca Carnival was enjoyed by those who competed. Seven Victorian Over 70 players represented Australia in matches against England, a great honour for Graham Cuddon, Peter Dell, Ian Hammet, Bob Hopkins, Ron Kasputtis, Bruce Pooley and Dick Stumbles.

Off the field saw the introduction of a number of changes designed to position VOSCA for future growth, financial stability and improved governance. In March, a Planning conference was held with every club represented. A Plan with supporting themes and action points was developed and many of the outcomes have been addressed. A Marketing committee was formed with Ian Hammet as chair and the benefits of a team concentrating specifically on growth and promotion of VOSCA are already evident. A revised Executive Committee structure was supported at the conference and following recommended changes to the Constitution being approved, a new structure will be implemented as from the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

A highlight of the year has been reaching agreement with the East Malvern branch of the Bendigo Bank and with Buffalo Sports to become major sponsors of VOSCA. The financial position has improved over the 12 months and has been monitored closely. It is pleasing to provide finalised and audited financial statements to the AGM.

Three overseas tours were offered during the year and excellent feedback received from those fortunate enough to join the tours.

The Annual dinner was well attended and again, the feedback was positive.

Welcome to the three new clubs participating next season: Hamilton, Koo Wee Rup and Richmond Union.

I have appreciated the support and encouragement received in my first year as President and wish to acknowledge the efforts of those on the Executive Committee, namely Joel McGlynn, Kel Grant, Greg Watsford and Ian Leach. To the many other VOSCA members, who support the Association either individually or on the various committees and provide invaluable support, my sincere thanks for your contribution.

Best wishes to all for the 2016/17 Season.

Greg Johnson