ICC Rule Changes_2017

  As a member of the VMCU, Veterans Cricket Victoria is obliged to adopt the changes to the M.C.C. Laws of Cricket that impact the local     competition. The changes are summarised below and come into effect for season 2017/18. VCV Playing Rules have also been updated for Season 2017/18 and state ‘Where these Playing Rules do not cover a specific issue, the Laws of Cricket apply.’

    • All reference to Gender specific terms has now been removed from the LOC.
    • Law 4 – The Ball – a new ball can now be taken after the completion of the 80th over in an innings.
    • Laws 6, 9 & 10 – References Turf/Synthetic surface side by side and covering of wickets.
    • Law 11 – References to a player being Timed Out – this time is now extended to Three Minutes.
    • Law 18 – Lost Ball – now removed from the LOC, therefore any such incident on the field of play (i.e. lost in long grass), will now be called “Dead Ball”. Any runs scored until the “Dead Ball” call shall be scored from any such ball.
    • Law 20 – Ball is ‘dead’ when it becomes lodged in a batter’s Helmet (Same principal as applicable to a ball lodged in a pad flap).
    • Law 20 – A catch may be claimed if a ball struck on the full becomes lodged in a fielder’s helmet or if the ball deflects off a fielder’s helmet to another fieldsman on the full.
    • Law 21 – Underarm bowling is now disallowed.
    • Law 21 – A ‘suspect’ bowling action, if called will now incur a first and final warning and a NO BALL call, after which any such call in the same innings will result in the bowler being suspended from bowling in that innings
    • Law 21 – a ball which bounces twice before the popping crease will now result in a NO BALL call.
    • Law 21 – ball bouncing over the head of the Striker in his standing position at the popping crease will now result in a NO BALL call. Note; VCV Rule 12 states ‘above the batsman’s shoulder’
  • Law 21DELIBERATE Front-Foot NO BALL or ABOVE WAIST HIGH FULL TOSS will now result in a NO BALL call, and the bowler will be suspended from bowling immediately for the remainder of that innings.
  • Law 21 NO BALL Byes and Leg Byes are now not recorded as NO BALL EXTRAS, but as One NO BALL, with any Byes or Leg Byes recorded as such e.g. previously a NO BALL subsequently went for 4 Byes and was recorded as 5 NO BALLS, whereas now this will be recorded as 1 NO BALL and 4 BYES.
  • Law 22WIDE BALL – There is no change similar to Law 21 for runs resulting from a Wide, with all runs from the WIDE BALL designated against the Bowler.
  • Law 23 – BYES & LEG BYES – Refer Law 21 & Law 22 above
  • Law 24 – A substitute may now act as a Wicket- keeper.
  • Law 41 – principally to do with Unfair Play, Time wasting, No Ball & Wides, etc, inclusive of the Penalty runs applied where the LOC apply.
  • Law 42 – principally to do with Player Conduct, inclusive of the Suspension of players from the field during a match,