VCV Over 50s

The following Playing Rules shall apply to all Over 50 cricket matches conducted within Victoria (or other locations as defined) in accordance with the official VCV Match Fixture program, published in MyCricket.

    1. Team registration fees for the season will be $150.00 per team.
    2. Score books are available from Veterans Cricket Victoria. Orders to be placed with by August 31.
    3. Match balls. The only restrictions on match balls are they must be red and two piece only, with no restrictions on brand.
    4. The maximum number of balls allowed per over (for all 36 overs) is 9 irrespective of the number of legal balls bowled.
    5. It is each team Captains choice whether to bowl their overs in blocks of 6 or alternate the field after each over.
    6. A Team may play 13 players of which only 11 may bat and only 11 may bowl. Players 12/13 may bat or bowl but not both. If you have more than 13 players, be inclusive and use them in fielding blocks if you wish. Only those players who either bat/bowl or wicket keep may be named on MyCricket for finals eligibility.
    7. No Ball Rule: A full toss above waist height (irrespective of pace) and a bounced ball passing above shoulder height to a batsman in his regular batting stance, shall be deemed a NO BALL.
    8. The rule allowing a batsman in the final pairing who has reached his 40 run retirement to bat on, has been deleted.
    9. A game will be abandoned if the BOM predicted temperature at 10am on the day of a game is 37 degrees or above.