VCV By Laws_ O60s

By Law Number 1

Victoria Over 60 Cricket Association (VOSCA) – Playing Rules

See Playing Rules for Over 50’s and Over 60’s in the ‘Download’ dropdown selection.

By Law Number 2

Life Memberships

The Delegates of the Association may, at their discretion, award Life Membership (not more than three per year) to members who have given outstanding and meritorious service, for a period of not less than five years, to the organization as players and/or for non-playing services. Such Life memberships to be presented at either the Annual General Meeting, the Annual Dinner or at an appropriate occasion decided by the Executive.

 By Law Number 3


The Registrar shall keep and maintain a register of members according to the Constitution, except where the member elects to have their personal details remain private, in which case the Registrar must keep and maintain, for those members who so elect, a separate private register of members (the Private Register) containing the member’s details.

Requests by members to access the Register can be submitted in writing to the Secretary, for presentation to the VOSCA Executive for consideration at the next scheduled Executive meeting. Such requests must include the reasons why access is being sought and the purpose to which the information will be used, should the access request be approved.

Where approval is granted by the Executive to a member to access details of the Register, the member may take a copy of the entries in accordance with the approval, and any conditions stipulated. Member details so obtained can be used solely for the purpose as approved.

Member details entered in the Private Register, will only be available for access by the Executive or Committee in order to carry out their duties under the Constitution.