Medical Emergency Template

VETERANS CRICKET VICTORIA clubs are required to complete the MEDICAL EMERGENCY TEMPLATE with details of the closest hospital, doctor, dentist and the location of first aid equipment. Home clubs must insert the completed MEDICAL EMERGENCY FORM on the inside cover of the club scorebook as a ready reference guide in the case of an accident or emergencyVCV Medical Emergency Plan



Secretary/ Manager:                        

Club Address:                            

Club Contact Phone:                

First Aid Officer/ Sports Trainer:            

(insert photo if applicable):



Location of first aid equipment:

Location of Defibrillator:  

Location of Members Medical Information: Club Scorebook – Inside Cover Insert

Closest intersection for emergency services:

Closest access point for emergency services:

Important local medical contact numbers:

Local Doctor:

Local Dentist:

Local Hospital (public):

Local Hospital (private):              


Urgent Medical Emergency – Dial 000

Please note secondary emergency number – Dial 112