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Baggy Green

The Baggy Green Cap is an emblem of our nation – a dark myrtle green colour, which has been worn by Australian Test Cricketers since around the turn of the twentieth century – a national sporting icon. The cap has long been a symbol of national pride in Australia and was once described by a chief executive of the MCC as the “most famous cap in the world”.

Baggy Green Cap 3.jpg

While respect for the baggy green cap has always been very high, it has grown in stature since the 1990’s, chiefly due to the efforts of past captains Mark Taylor and Steve Waugh. Waugh regularly expressed his belief that the honouring of the traditions of the game was critical to the success of the team: “To be able to partake of these rituals and traditions has meant you have been awarded the highest honour in Australian cricket – you have been selected to play for your country.”
During his captaincy, Taylor instituted a pre-match ceremony for the awarding of a cap. This continued under Waugh, who introduced a refinement whereby new players would receive their “baggy green” from a past player. Another tradition instituted by Taylor (but suggested by Waugh and is still continued to this day) is the practise of all players wearing the cap during the first session in the field of a test match, as a symbol of solidarity.

As Veterans Cricket has become more popular around the Globe, so has the opportunity to represent Australia. The “Best of the Best” from around Australia now have the opportunity of Australian selection and receiving the honour of a Baggy Green. Since 2011, Australian O50’s, O60’s and O70’s teams have competed against various teams and competitions, with several VCV representatives playing for their country.
A list of Baggy Green representatives from Veterans Cricket Victoria over the years and their respective cap numbers are displayed below.

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