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O60s UK Touring Party

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Veterans Cricket Australia O60s touring party for the UK later in July/August 2023. The team will be led by captain Eric Higgins and supported by vice captain Peter Judd and includes a number of players who will be vying for their first Australian cap on tour or earning a new cap number in the O60s after coming through our very successful O50s national and international programs.

With the inclusion of some of the new team members this is arguably the strongest team we have put together on any home or away tour and we congratulate each and everyone of the players for their inclusion and the selectors for their diligence and hard work. We also wish to thank all players who nominated and were not included in the squad at this time but we encourage them to stay fit and well as though historical knowledge we do know that at times not all selected players make the tour for varied reasons so a late opportunity may come knocking.

The team is as follows:

Bill Blair (Vic)

Dale Thornton (Vic)

Chris Carr (Vic)

Ray Smith (Vic)

Phillip Jackson (Vic)

Graeme Pavey (Vic)

Peter Jensen (NSW)

Bill Saker (NSW)

Eric Higgins - Capt (NSW)

Peter Judd - VC (SA)

Tim Pellen (SA)

Mark Trafford Walker (SA)

Dale Bateman (SA)

Glen Richardson (Tas)

Stephen Moore (ACT)

Andrew Walsh (QLD)

Bob McGhee (QLD)

Bruce Worthington (QLD)


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