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"The Over 60s tour is rolling on - a game against Kent and then Essex.

Kent was a win for the Aussies having them 7/198 at compulsory closure. This was after Australia posting 3/270. Score sheets attached but a few Vic highlights. Graeme Pavey with 50 retired of 45 balls. Chris Carr 17 Not out and from a bowling perspective Phil Jackson 2/15 off 5 overs.

The Essex game was our first defeat on tour. We posted 10/199 and Essex chased us down with 6/200 off 40.1 overs. A Vic highlight was Goldie taking 3/41 off 9 overs. Score sheets also attached.

Three out of four is not a bad start coming into Game 5 on Wednesday 12th, the first ODI against England. "


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